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[SPOILER]ハリベル様が 最後の力を振り絞り 愛染っ!! と腹に突き刺すが 鏡を割った状態みたいにな り
Harribel, with her last ounce of strength, cries “Aizen!!” and stabs him in the abdomen. However, it’s just a shattered mirror.
愛染  面倒なことはさせるな 私に二撃めをさせるな
Aizen says things like, “You’re causing me such trouble. Making me attack you twice.”
見たいな事をいい後ろから型らへんをずぶりと突き刺し ハリベル様は落下…
and then skewers her from behind. Harribel falls…
さあゴテイ13隊?と中途半端な仮面ども かかってきなさい な事をいい
Then he asks the Gotei 13 captains and rest of the vizards to come.
場面は変わり マシロさんへ
Scene changes to Mashiro.
マシロ  あららエスパーダさんみんなやられちゃったね…
Mashiro: “Look at that. The Espada were defeated…”
But WW revives and attacks her.
2人の攻防が続き 69が いったん仮面を戻せ!もう時間が限界だろ というが
The two have an exchange, and Kensei yells at her to temporarily put away her mask because there’s still a limit.
But she doesn’t hear him and as she’s making a riposte her mask dissolves.
WW fires at her face and she’s blown away.

Kensei catches her in his arms,
and says that kid or not, he’s not going to go easy on him.
って所で 完です
The chapter ends.[/SPOILER]
Harribel attacks Aizen, but the thing she cuts is an illusion and she’s pierced in the shoulder region by him from behind. That’s the way she falls.
Aizen: “Shall we begin, Gotei 13 and the pseudo arrancar?”
Mashiro is by herself watching the last espada be defeated.
Nearby the fallen WW flutters his fingers.
Kensei calls out. She answers, “Right!” and kicks away WW, who was charging at her.
Kensei says that against opponents of this level her energy will be depleted quickly so she should put away her mask for a bit to recover before her time runs out.
She respondes, ” Don’t you know I always use my mask? 15 hours! I can even stay like this until midnight! As she says this WW once again tries to attack her. “Stubborn!” she yells as she grabs his face and punches him.
WW withstands that, grabs her scarf and tosses her.
They clash some more, and then Mashiro does a Mashiro Super Cero. However WW erases it.
Mashiro tries attacking some more, but as she tries half her mask breaks away. “No way. I’m out of time?”
So WW punches her in the face. As he tries it again Kensei stops it.
WW: “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…?”
Kensei: “Sorry, but I’m not the kind of adult who makes allowances for kids…!”

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