Rispondi a: One Piece 809: Ipotesi e Discussione Spoiler


Credit: Franzlome
Source: APF

“Master Cat-Viper”
Chopper says the country was destroyed by Caesar’s weapons. Duke Inuarashi sees Brook and starts drooling. Brooks notices and panics. Wanda tells the Duke that Brook is also one of their saviors. The Duke replies that he’s a delicious-looking savior. Wanda says that it’s not good for the Duke’s health to have at Brook (and making a touching pun). He can do it later, but Brooks still protests.
Robin briefly recaps how Caesar produces, Doflamingo sells, and Kaido receives the weapons. Luffy gets angry about Caesar.
The Duke changes the topic from the loss to Luffy’s hat. He says it looks good on him. The Duke begins to talk about the more distant past. Wanda reminds him about master Cat-Viper and how the Shanks had a hat like that. Luffy interrupts him and says that he got the hat from Shanks, but the Duke falls asleep suddenly before Luffy can finish. Wanda answers that it’s already 6PM. Usopp complains that it’s so early, “Is he a little kid?”
Wanda explains that The Mokomo Dukedom has 2 rulers. The official ruler is Duke Inuarashi, however Master Cat-Viper, who protects the sacred Whale Forest shares the power.
The Duke fell alseep suddenly because him and Master Cat-Viper don’t get along at all, to that point that they want to kill each other if they meet faces. Wanda doesn’t know why, but it seems they used to be best friends long ago. They are of equal strength.