Rispondi a: One Piece 799: Ipotesi e Discussione Spoiler


Credit: Aohige
Source: APF

Chapter 799 Father and Sons
Cover art: Sabo cracking nuts for squirrels
Luffy keeps declaring his punches and kicks as he attacks Fujitora.
Fujitora acknowledges Luffy’s strength, but he objects to being pitied.
I’m an Admiral, called “monster” by many. I don’t need sympathy for being blind… if you are trying to piss me off, you’re doing a good job at it!
Luffy tells him he doesn’t want to hit the blind man in silence, be cause he doesn’t dislike Fujitora.
Fujitora laughs, and tells him that they both need to be aware of their place, and pity and likes/dislikes have no place in a man’s fight.
He uses Gravitou (Gravity + katana) Mouko (Raging Tiger) to blow Luffy away.
On order of Cavendish, Hajrudin catches Luffy and takes him back to the ships.
Zoro is eager to fight next, but Barto stops him that this is no time and place.
All the pirates ships are waiting 5km off shore, and line of ships are connecting them to the dock.
Oorumbus’s massive fleet provided the ships to make a long bridge.
Everyone runs (with Hajrudin still holding Luffy in his hands, while Luffy cries out lemmego I can still fight! lol)
But Fujitora thinks to himself… It’s too late, Strawhat…
The rubbles he collected are all floating above the ships. They have no where to run, as soon as they’re out in the ocean the debris will fall on them, sinking every ship.
He cannot see the sight himself, but surely Luffy can.
The life from now on will be hell now that you’ve defeated Joker. There will be many after your life. Might as well I take you to hell myself.
Fujitora mutters “You had sympathy for my blindness, but I brought this upon myself.
I saw too many things I did not want to see, and shut my eyes on my own…
Just then the Dressrosa citizens arrive at the dock, yelling at Lucy to return their princess.
Fujitora warns them that it’ll be dangerous for them to venture forward, but they heed no attention to him and keep running forward.
Fujitora cannot see their faces, find it odd that he doesn’t feel any actual enmity from their yelling.
What he doesn’t see… is that the citizens are all smiling with joy as they run.
They knew where Rebecca is, and that she is with her true father, lord Kyros.
They knew they were father and daughter since 16 years ago, but kept it to themselves… just like the secret of who the “Fairies” are.
The citizens rush to the ships, risking their lives, so the marine will hesitate to drop the rubble on the ships!
Fujitora now regrets not being able to see. He wanted to see the face of the man so many risk their lives to save.
Surely this Straw Hat Luffy have a kind and gentle face.
Luffy & co arrives at a MASSIVE ship. The Yonta Maria, flagship of the Yonta Maria fleet led by Orlumbus.
It’s so massive the giant Hajrudin looks like a normal human by scale.
Aboard the ship, the pirate have something to tell Luffy…
1. Suleiman joins Cavendish’s crew, the Beautiful Pirates consisting of 75 crew members.
2. Barto Club led by Barto Romeo, crew of 56
3. The Happo Army led by Sai, 1000 members.
4. Blue Gilly, along with Abdullah and Jeet, has joined Ideo’s team XXX Gym Martial Arts alliance of 4 members.
5. Leo got the permission from Tontatta elder to come as well, along with 200 tontatta warriors.
6. Hajrudin belongs to the Giant Mercenaries, consisting of 5 giants. They will one day rule over the giants to reform the legendary Giant Warrior Pirates.
7. Orlumbus (sorry, this is how it’s spelt in the manga. I’ll go fix it later) commands the gigantic fleet of Yonta Maria, consisting of 56 ships and 4300 crew mates.
The seven leaders of the total of 5600 pirates wants to exchange sake cups to form a Father and Sons relationship with Luffy.
In other words, they want to join the Straw Hat Pirates alliance as underlings of Luffy!
(just like how the Whitebeard pirates operated)
End of chapter, break next issue. 🙁