Rispondi a: One Piece 773: Ipotesi e Discussione Spoiler


Credit: Aohige
Source: APF

Chapter 773 Half & Half

Barto is confused seeing Hakuba, he looks like Cabbage but the face is different.
Dillinger and whoever fodder were left behind, were all taken out by Hakuba.
He realizes this is what happened at D block, and deducted that this must be a “different” Cavendish.

Hakuba is out of control, even tries to slash at Barto but is hindered by the barrier.
He sets his eyes on Robin, and goes after her.

Robin catches Hakuba easily, and tells him “Speed” means nothing to her. And asks the evil-looking Cavendish what he wants from her.

Cavendish manages to wrestle control of himself, and tells Hakuba he didn’t allow him to come out!
He apologizes to Robin. Robin realizes that must have been the daydreamer “Hakuba” she’s heared rumors about.

As Cavendish tries to explain, Hakuba takes over again, and speaks in a frightening inhuman voice that he will slice her apart limb by limb.
Cavendish and Hakuba keeps switching out, arguing with himselves.
As the two keeps saying “I will!” “no Me!” “no ME!” “ME!!” the two merges into half and half… one side of the face Caven, and other Hakuba.

Caven manages to wrestle control, and asks Robin to release him. But she can’t trust him yet from what she just witnessed.
Gladius takes this moment to inflate the whole side of the cliff, to blow them all apart.
Robin is occupied holding Hakuba, and she will not come down as she needs to head to Rebecca.
Barto rushes to her aid and charges Gladius, but Gladius stops him with a poisonous punk-hair.

Gladius inflates his whole body, and any attack on him will cause him to explode, attacking them with tens of thousands of poison needles.
But if you can’t stop Gladius, the wall will explode.
Barto tells Cabbage to protect Robin with his body, but Hakuba is in control. Tells the “chicken” to shut up.

There’s only one way to stop Gladius from killing Robin…
Barto seals Gladius in a Barrier ball along with himself!
He then goes to slit Gladius’ throat, causing him to explode.

He manages to make Gladius explode, but he missed slitting his throat. The stab only sliced his shoulders.
Gladius still alive, and Barto heavily damaged, he continues to inflate the wall.
The wall explodes!

But Cavendish, in his half & half form, convinced Robin to let him go.
He saves Robin using “Hakuba’s speed”, while simultaneously stopping Hakuba from killing Robin by using his own hands to stop the blade. (his right arm tries to use the sword, but the left hand grabbed the sword)

As Barto watches the two fly up to safety, he vows to become stronger and useful to Luffy & co.
He uses “Homage Fighting” style… Barrier Barrier Pistol!
He coats his fist in barrier, and strikes Gladius down, making him kiss the ground. Luffy-style.

At the Flower Garden… As Kyros struggles, Diamante uses his whip-like sword to attack Rebecca!
Kyros is unable to stop the blade, as it reaches for Rebecca..

Robin arrives just in time to save Rebecca, using Mil Fluer Kochouran (Butterfly Orchid), sprouting countless pairs of hands to guide the blade away safely.
Your mission is finished, Rebecca. Thank you for the key… it’s my turn to protect you!

End of chapter.