One Piece 805: Ipotesi e Discussione Spoiler

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    Si prosegue a dorso d’elefante.
    Spoiler e capitolo giovedì 29 ottobre


    Letto il capitolo.
    Svelate le origini di Bepo. Anch’egli è un Minkion….ehmmm.. sì.
    Jack ha devastato le città di Zou? Quel Jack? Quello che intende liberare DF?
    A giudicare dalle corna, sarà una gran capo di Mink…
    Porterà DF sull’isola?

    Sanji & C sono morti? Ma dai…
    Il (pesce)cane di nome Wanda avrà spogliato il corpo esanime di Nami? Questa voglio proprio vederla. :sisi:

    Partita una nuova miniavventura. :sisi:

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    Credit: Aohige
    Source: APF

    Chapter 805 The Mink tribe
    New cover story! From the dock of the world – The 500 million berry man
    We see seagulls flying to spread the news
    Zoro is surprised at Carrot’s weapon that shocked him
    The Minkman woman and Carrot exchange that the situation is dire, as the invaders of the Whale forest may anger the “Guardians”
    Usopp demands to know where the woman got her clothes, and what she did with Nami
    Robin wonders aloud if they’re cannibals, scaring Usopp
    Carrot leaps high (VERY high, like a hundred feet) in the air, to see far ahead.
    She sees fights in the Whale forest, straight ahead from the Kurau capital
    On orders by the minkman woman, Carrot hops on the Aligator (Named Waanii/Wany, literally wani = gator/croc) and heads out.
    She tells Ussop and others to head to the forest of Right Hip and take a left at the pond towards Right Stomach forest. The carcass of their friends can be found there. (!!)
    She tells them to wait there and they’ll meet them up later.
    As Wany runs the minkwoman tells Carrot that those people are the Straw Hat pirates. Carrot wonders if they’ll be shocked (to see their crew’s bodies) but the minkwoman says what’s happened is happened, can’t be helped. She figures the intruder at the Whale forest is Straw Hat Luffy, and if so there will be no mercy.
    Usopp cries at the death of his crewmates, but no one else is believing it.
    Zoro says with Sanji with them, there’s no way they’d be killed so easily. Franky and Robin agrees. They ask Law if his crew is here.
    Law said he doesn’t have a way of getting hold of him, he didn’t expect to ever see them again.
    He does however, have Bepo’s vivre card. Usopp asks if Bepo is a mink people, and Law confirms it.
    Law says this place is Bepo’s homeland, but he doesn’t have much memory of this place as he left the island when he was young.
    Law says he has known Bepo for 10 years, and trusts him.
    The co heads to meet up with Bepo instead of following the minkwoman’s orders.
    Meanwhile in the Whale forest, Luffy is fighting a bull-man.
    Bepo (all in bandage) tries to stop the bull-man from attacking Luffy, telling him Luffy is an acquaintance of him, but he replies regardless this man is an intruder, and continues to fight Luffy.
    Upon contact with the bull’s head Luffy is electrocuted, but it has no effect on him.
    A gorilla-man is surprised that “electro” has no effect on Luffy.
    Jean-Bart triest to grab the gorilla man, but he easily throws Jean on the ground with his mighty strength.
    The minkwoman and Carrot arrives on the scene, and quickly subdues the Guardians using bananas and red cloth. The Gorilla (named “BB”, short for Blackback) and the bull (named Rody) are easily distracted by them.
    The minkwoman introduce herself to Luffy as Wanda, a dog-mink. Carrot is a bunny-mink of course.
    Luffy is surprised to see people just like Chopper in this land.
    He says he hasn’t done anything, those guys just suddenly attacked him.
    Wanda tells Luffy that’s because he is tresspassing in a forbidden forest.
    She licks Luffy’s face.
    She tells the Guardians to forgive the man, she’ll escort him.
    An unseen man named Pedro above the tree orders Rody and BB to cease the attack and come back.
    Luffy is surprised to learn he was surrounded. (Even Luffy was unaware of their presense)
    Bepo is shocked Luffy doesn’t remember them, as he took care of Luffy after the marineford war.
    Luffy notices he’s the talking bear at Law’s crew.
    Penguin (and the other guy whose name escapes me) also chime in that they’ve been reading the news, about them becoming allies.
    Luffy mentions to them that Torao… I mean Law came with him to the island, and they are overjoyed.
    In the Kurau City Robin notices how there’s not a soul left in this city large enough to house hundreds of thousands.
    She gathers the attack on the city must have been recent, as there are still fresh signs of someone living there (still soup in the pot), etc
    Zoro notices a torture device, while Franky notes the huge claw marks on the walls.
    There’s also a massive footprint of an animal in the road.
    Whether the city was destroyed by invador or in-fighting, one thing is for sure.
    This city was destroyed only within this week or two.
    Meanwhile Wanda is explaining to Luffy what happened.
    The Dukedom of Mokomo was destroyed by someone named Jack.
    The ground shakes and Bepo warns that Eruption rain is about to come.
    Wanda tells Luffy to get on the back of Wany, she’ll take him to the Right Stomach forest, where his friends are.
    Luffy is in joy that he’ll see Sanji and others again.
    But Wanda looks gloomy, silent not knowing how to break it out to Luffy…
    End of chapter
    Couple of things:
    Bepo’s title is renewed, it still says Heart Pirates Navigator, but new line “Assistant Guardian” is added. Supposedly he’s helping the Guardians.
    Robin, upon hearing the locations of her crew’s bodies, jokes if the bodies are there at least they’re not eaten.

    P.S.: fingersi morti è un classico per sfuggire alla furia di un animale.
    CC potrebbe aver aiutato a rendere la morte molto credibile… ma ci sono mille modi per farsi credere morti. :sisi:


    Dubito fortemente che siano morti in effetti, anche perché sembra che mink abbiano attaccato non proprio con cattiveria quanto più per vedere chi realmente é una minaccia.. Sembrerebbe che questo Jack sia lo stesso che voleva salvare mingo, che ci sia riuscito? É possibile visto che è stato mostrato anche Kaido e forse ci tenevano sul serio a mettere mingo al sicuro, e questa isola infatti sembra un posto abbastanza sicuro. Poi può sembrare banale, ma un isola di animali antropomorfi é probabile che sia sotto il dominio di Kaido e forse presto cominceremo a vedere qualche impiccio tra l’imperatore ed i nostri protagonisti :sisi:

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