One Piece 789: Ipotesi e Discussione Spoiler

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    Quale saranno le offerte last minute di Oda?
    Viola violata e la gabbia ingabbiata?
    Luffy tornerà in sé a fine capitolo?
    E se l’orologio di Luffy non fosse sincronizzato con quello della voce fuori campo?

    Spoiler e capitolo giovedì 4 giugno


    Credit: Aohige
    Source: APF

    789 Lucy!!
    Cover is Shanks and a bull dog-man sitting in a cafe looking mobster.

    The strings have finally reached the palace, and starting to shred it.
    King Riku and Tank Lepanto joins the fight to push the Factory against the strings.

    Viola’s attacks are no use against Dofla, and she’s already hurt all over, bleeding.
    Dofla asks her if she thought he’d go easy on her just because they spent 10 years together.
    He says he forgives failures and mistakes of his people. But what he doesn’t forgive is treason.
    Dofla then controls Rebecca with his puppet strings to attack Viola!

    We see all corners of the city where people are helping to push the birdcage back.
    However, Kyros notices his daughter is missing…
    Gatz gets on the microphone and announces to the whole nation that the “Star” of the coliseum will rise again.
    The people have no idea what he’s talking about, and Cavendish goes “Star!? Is he talking about me!?” then notices Law is gone from his side.

    Gatz calls out the star’s name, Lucy! Otherwise known as… Straw Hat Luffy!
    He then goes on to explain the situation, and that although he has fallen for now, he will rise again and declared to knock out Doflamingo with a KO punch!
    Gatz calls out Doflamingo. Are you listening, you false king. This will be your execution ring!
    Gatz is provoking Doflamingo, in attempt to draw his attention away from Viola and Rebecca to himself.
    10 seconds left until Lucy is up again.
    Hajruden, Dagama, Ideo, and other restored gladiators starts falling to the ground. The time for their temporary healing has run out…!
    Unfortunately Chiyupopo cannot be applied to someone who’s already been healed once.

    countdown continues…. 6, 5, 4,
    Sai commands people to switch places to buy more time
    3 seconds left, everyone is cheering on Lucy’s name.

    1 second left, Doflamingo impales through Gatz.

    Meanwhile, Rebecca cannot stop herself, and swings her sword on Viola.
    Viola tells her she forgive her, she has done nothing wrong.

    As Rebecca swings the sword, Luffy leaps in, headbutting the sword in half!

    The crowd goes wild, and Dofla smiles as Lucy reenters the fight.
    Last fight is about to begin.

    End of chapter
    Break next week, will be back issue 30.

    Oda ha deciso di restare sul classico :sisi:

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