One Piece 778: Ipotesi e Discussione Spoiler

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    In cosa consisterà il “piano E” del bandanato Zoro?
    Sky walk o qualcosa di totalmente nuovo? :mah
    Uhmm… penso che la questione Pica verrà risolta in poche pagine…
    Cosa riempirà le altre?…
    Moncheri e le sue lacrime guaritrici?
    ah boh

    Spoiler e capitolo giovedì 26 febbraio.
    Mini spoiler (se ce ne sarà uno) mercoledì 25


    Credit: Aohige
    Source: APF

    Chapter 778 Tactics No5
    The humans on surface finds a Poneglyph inside the ruins and brings it to Jinbe’s attention!

    Pica makes his way towards King Riku, but Kyros has no means of stopping it.
    Barto cries for Usopp’s safety, and Elizabello readies his King Punch.

    Zoro tells Elizabello to save his King Punch for later… and to wait 2 more minutes.
    He calls for Oorumbus (calls him “Director*” instead of Admiral by mistake)

    King Riku tells people to evacuate, and yells at Pica, trying to draw attention.
    I’m the one you want, I’m right here!
    Pica tells Riku that he is not a king, nor is he fit to be one. Your pathetic pacifism cannot protect a nation.
    A nation is about power. You must have the power to obliterate your enemies to protect the nation.

    Riku admits he is unfit for a king, and that he has no desire to return to the throne.
    But he says he is a human being. If murder must be done, I rather choose death. There is no future for a murderous nation.
    Pica tells him that is why no good men leaves his name in history.. because they die, just like you!
    Pica reaches out to Riku and others, with his massive hands the size of a city…

    *Zoro calls Oorumbus Kantoku as in “Director”, but in baseball it’s “coach”
    Coach may be a more fitting translation as Oorumbus DOES indeed throw Zoro like a baseball lol.

    Oorumbus grabs Zoro, and throws him towards Pica with Admiral Killer Bowling.
    Zoro endures the incredible speed and wind against his face.

    All of Nine Mountains and Eight seas. One World.
    A thousand gathering for one lesser thousand world. Squred three times, and nothing can withstand these blades.
    Santouryuu hidden technique…. Ichidai Sanzen Daisen Sekai (One Greater Three Thousand World)!!

    Zoro’s move slices Pica in half.
    Pica’s real body flees to the upper torso, but Zoro cuts that in half as well.
    He realizes Pica’s real body can be controlling only one stone at a time, whereever he goes. He himself does not split!
    He leaves the “Dead” stones alone and keeps slicing the moving stone parts.

    Zoro continues to slice up Pica until there is only small fragment left for him to hide in.
    Pica’s real self leaps out, completely covered in black with Haki. He declares even if you can cut stones, you can’t cut me in Haki!
    Zoro replies “Only if your haki is above my own…”

    Nine Mountains and Eight seas. Nothing in this world shall withstand my blade.
    Sanzen Sekai (Three Thousand Worlds)!!

    Pica’s real self is cut, and he goes down.
    However, Pica’s stone statues still continues to fall on Usopp and others. Usopp calls out to Zoro for help.

    King’s Punch!
    Elizabello finally uses his King punch, while complaining that Zoro had him use the King punch just to clean up the stone debris.

    Mission accomplished! End of chapter.


    Oda è riuscito a far durare lo scontro l’intero capitolo…
    e ha anche piazzato un Poneglyph nella ministoria :sisi:
    La skywalk resta una prerogativa del cuoco :sisi:

    Tanti saluti a pica :sisi:


    Letto il capitolo…
    Zoro regna :sisi:

    la frase ad inizio capitolo conferma l’esattezza della risposta che ho dato al rospaccio nel thread precedente (trattasi di informazioni datate) :sisi:


    Ci volevano tutti questi capitoli per capire che doveva usare l’Haki ? Mah….


    Ci volevano tutti questi capitoli per capire che doveva usare l’Haki ? Mah….

    L’haki è servito solo a contrastare quello di Pica…
    Il lungo scontro è servito a divertirlo e per escogitare un metodo che mettesse all’angolo il corpo reale di Pica e gli permettesse un attacco diretto. :sisi:

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