One Piece 770: Ipotesi e Discussione Spoiler

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    Bellamy sembra intenzionato a fare la sua uscita di scena…
    Combatterà veramente contro Luffy o si scaglierà contro Doflamingo?
    Le pareti della stanza cederanno sotto i colpi dello spring hopper salvando Law dall’impallinamento? Sarebbe anche un buon escamotage per permettere un cambio di scena… Quando vedremo la principessa Macherie e gli speciali poteri che sembra possedere? :mah:
    Ai nostri eroi sembra possa servire una mano… di fata.

    Capitolo e spoiler giovedì 4 Dicembre
    ma non è escluso che gli spoiler escano il 3


    Pare (ma sono ancora alla ricerca di una conferma) che il capitolo slitterà di una settimana ossia uscirà l’11 dicembre :mah:


    Credit: -/Redon
    Source: Ishuhui/APF

    – Bellamy used Busoshoku Haki to hit Luffy.
    – Machvise knocked down Hajrudin and tried to hit Zoro.
    – Hajrudin stood up and used his last power to punch Machvise’s 10 thousand tons of attack.

    Luffy dovrebbe migliorare il proprio haki dell’armatura :sisi:

    Pare un capitolo di “alleggerimento”


    Viste le raw del capitolo ( e leggiucchiato lo spoiler di Redon in spagnolo).
    Niente cedimento strutturale del palazzo (per ora). Oda, per il cambio di scena, opta per un cedimento di Luffy che sembra accusare il colpo inflittogli da Bellamy. Il resto del capitolo vede Zoro spostarsi e permette di vedere gli altri scontri. Particolare rilievo viene dato al gigante. Titolo del capitolo è infatti la lancia di Elbaf… riferita al Gungnir (la lancia di Odino), il pugno con cui l’elbafiano stende Machvise. :sisi:

    Credit: Aoohige
    Source: APF

    Chapter 770: Spear of Elbaf
    Jinbe finds masses of offerings under the sea.

    Luffy tells Bellamy to stop this, Mingo has betrayed you!
    He yells that he has no reason to fight Bellamy.

    Bellamy replies to Luffy, that if he can’t find a reason, that’s fine with him.
    Just stand around, if you think my determination can by swayed that easily.
    He leaps to Luffy, punching him with CoA.

    Meanwhile, fight between Zoro and Pica rages on.
    Zoro loses his foothold, and Pica takes the chance to punch Zoro with his massive statue arm.
    But Zoro wasn’t flattened, of course, and slices up the statue’s arm.
    The grunts nearby attempts to take down Zoro, but Oolumbus uses the “Admiral’s Dginty (“Admiral” written in British Navy style).
    He yells at the grunts to “attention!” and they are forced to take military style Attention poses.
    He then grabs one of them, and strike-outs the rest with Admiral Killer Bowling.

    Oorumbus introduce himself to Zoro. He says if this was on sea, he’d lead his Yonta Maria Fleet to aid him, but alas, there’s not enough man power here and now.
    He asks Zoro to take care of the stone monster while he handles here.


    Pica has taken over the area, and turns a wall into his face.
    He laughs “Pikyapikyapikyarara”, like a high-pitched nuisance.
    Zoro doesn’t hesitate to point out how stupid the laugh sounds, enraging Pica.
    Pica destroys the area with Charlstone, massive stone spears. Zoro looks forward to the pleasure of cutting down such a huge opponent.
    Dellinger complains to Pica that there are others, including himself fighting in the area. Watch out with those!
    Ideo attacks him while he is distracted.

    Baby 5 misunderstands Sai’s words.. (I’ll pierce your heart! I won’t let you go! etc) as love proposal. lol.
    You want me, right!?

    Meanwhile, Mach Vice looks for the next opponent after taking out Hajrudin. He sets his aim at Zoro.
    The giant reflect on his dreams to be come the king of giants. But look at him now.. lost in the colisseum, turned into a toy, yet he can’t even repay his debt after being saved by God Usopp.
    Is this all he can give for his gratitude? … No!

    The giant gets back o his feet, and asks Zoro to let him take care of Mach Vice.
    Vice realizes he didn’t hurt Hajrudin enough, and goes for a much stronger attack. “Hell’s 10,000t Vice”
    Hajrudin counter attacks with Gungnir (Spear of Odin), a heavy punch. He fully realizes this will cost him his arm, but as long as he has one arm left, he can still fight on.

    Mach Vice thinks the Giant’s punch won’t be enough to stop his 10,000 ton attack, but the giant pulls through!
    He keeps the pressure up even with his bones fractured into pieces, and sends Vice flying.
    Vice flies all the up to the top of the birdcage, and is sliced.

    With his vitory, the giant falls down. Zoro, honoring the giant’s fight, tells him to rest well.
    When he wakes up, the birdcage will no longer be there to hold us in!

    End of chapter

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