One Piece 539: Solo Spoiler

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    1) Postare, come dice il titolo, solo gli Spoiler (script e pics)! Per la loro discussione c’è l’apposito topic.
    2) Postare, possibilmente, script che abbiano almeno la traduzione in inglese (per una maggiore “leggibilità” da parte di tutti) con la relativa Fonte, il relativo Stato (Confermato, Incerto o Fake) e i dovuti Crediti.
    Script e Pics vanno rigorosamente sotto .
    3)Possibili fonti dove trovare spoiler confermati: Mangahelpers, apforums e 2ch.


    Fonte: Apforum
    Stato: ?
    sono veramente tante per essere mercoledì





    Stato: Pending
    Fonte: Arlong park forum
    Credits: doflamingo_37
    Tipo: Pics


    Stato: Pending
    Fonte: Arlong park forum
    Credits: Aohige_AP
    Tipo: Scripts

    Pic 1
    Chapter 539: Emporio Tension Hormone

    Pic 2
    candies: Bring food!! Bring it on, it doesn’t matter if it’s raw
    candies: Hurry!! Just leave it near him!!
    candies: Amazing… they get sucked in like an ant trap…!
    candies: How long is he going to continue to eat!?
    candies: He’s been eating at this rate for about half an hour now…

    Pic 3:
    candies: He’s eating several days worth of food for Kama Land….
    Ivasan: What an incredible force of life….
    candies: he no longer even looks human….
    (Luffy digests the insane amount of food)
    Pic 4:
    Luffy: I’m heeeeaaaalled!!!

    Pic 5:
    Luffy: Bon-chan!! You alright? Wake up!!
    Ivasan: It’s because of excessive fatigue… not because of his injury.
    Luffy: …oh hey, Ivachan!
    candies: Ivachan!?

    Pic 6:
    Ivasan: For hours after hours… even after tearing his throat and bleeding from it,
    he kept suffering along with you, and kept yelling for you to get well…!!

    Ivasan: I’m sure it had effect on your life being saved
    Luffy: Bon-chan, thanks!! I’m in your debt!!

    Pic 7:
    Inazuma: Here’s your hat and clothes.
    All you did was recovering from dying, you have to rest a few more days, or it you won’t be up to full health.
    Luffy: I don’t have that kind of time! I’ve already wasted much time
    Can you guys take care of Bon-chan? I’ll come for him later!
    (Luffy falls)
    Candies: Hey!! See, your fatigue hasn’t healed yet
    Luffy: The paper is still pointing down!! Ace is down there….hm? Oh yeah, where am I anyways?
    Ivasan: That’s a vivrecard… You’ve recovered now, and you’re already going to rescue your brother? (scan cut off)

    Pic 8:
    Luffy: Ivachan, are you going to escape here? Bonchan came all the way here to rescue you!
    Ivasan: What are you talking about? Bonboy came here to rescue me?
    hmmm I see, how cute of him. I thank him for his kindness, but this is not the time for prison break yet.
    I am aware of the news around the world… With Marines and Whitebeard pirates at the center, the world is about to move very wildly…. but “he” hasn’t moved yet. The one behind all of the revolutionaries around the world… My comrade, Dragon the revolutionary!!
    Luffy: Oh. My dad.
    Ivasan: Yes, when your dad leads an army and makes his move… I will once again head out to the free world, and let myself roam in the movement of the world. Even if I broke out of here now, I’ll simply be wanted for a large bounty.

    Pic 9:
    Ivasan: Wait…. DAD!!??
    candies: did you say dad!!??
    Ivasan: You have to be kidding me…!! You are Dragon’s son!? He had a son!?
    Luffy: Oh yeah, I wasn’t supposed to say this I think. Oh well, grandpa said so.
    I don’t know much about him myself, don’t know his face either.

    Ivasan: (He says he doesn’t know, but that adds more to this feeling true… He doesn’t look like someone who can lie! He’s a supernova rookie in the pirate world… And that incredible stamina he just showed, he’s definitly not normal… it could really be true…!!)
    Where are you from….?

    Pic 10:
    Luffy: East blue.
    Ivasan: I knew it….!!!

    Ivasan: Dragon… when you’re out feeling the wind, you always look towards the same direction you know?
    Dragon: Really? You notice strange things… I’m not doing it intentionally.
    Ivasan: Then perhaps, it’s your animal instinct to return to your homeland? Perhaps, your homeland is in that direction? Do you have family in the East Blue? Right?
    Dragon: Don’t ask about my background, Iva….
    Ivasan: Fufu… excuse me.

    Ivasan: If that’s the case… If this mugiwaraboy is really the son of Dragon….!!!

    Pic 11:
    Ivasan: Inazuma! Look up the time for Aceboy’s departure!
    Inazuma: Yes, right away ma’am

    Ivasan: This is going to be close…. The Vivrecard is still pointing down, so he hasn’t been taken yet!!
    I’m going to head to Level 6 with mugiwaraboy!!
    Luffy: What!? You’re gonna guide me there!? But.. Level 6? Not Level 5? Oh well, whatever, let’s go!!

    Ivasan: (I totally misjudged this… I never imagined this. The brother of mugiwaraboy here would make Aceboy Dragon’s son too..!!
    Do the marines know about this!? There can’t be any merit to the world government to bait both Whitebeard and Dragon at the same time!! What are their intentions..!?)
    (Anyways, this is the time for prison break!!)

    Luffy: Later Bon-chan, I’ll be back later!

    Ivasan: Mugiwaraboy… don’t mention what you just said to anyone easily, ok!?
    Luffy: …. oh, so it really is like that.
    Ivasan: I’m a comrade of your father!! An officer in the rebel army! That’s why I’m held here. I have the obligation to support you!
    I can’t let a son of a comrade die in front of my eyes!!

    Pic 12:
    Ivasan: Tell all the residents in New Kama Land…
    We’re going to rescue Aceboy, and then attempt an escape from Impel Down!!
    Those who want to come, prepare for a battle to death, and be on standby here!
    candy: what~~~!? but why so sudden….
    Ivasan: Decisions are always made suddenly!

    Luffy: Alright, wait for me Ace, I’m coming!!……. ing…. g…….. *thud*

    Ivasan: Oh no, his pulse….
    candies: What about his pulse!?
    Ivasan: …is ok.
    candies: So it’s fine!?

    Ivasan: Emporio Tension Hormone!!

    Ivasan: It’s called Adrenaline! Your body will forget that fatigue for a whole day!
    Luffy: OOoooohhhhhhhh……
    Ivasan: However, there will be massive aftereffects afterwards, but you wouldn’t care about that at this point now, will you?

    Pic 13:
    guards: However, all we found in Level 5 was this bloodied hat
    Strawhat Luffy was let out of the cell, but… (rest is cut off)

    guards: I mean… them getting the best of us so many times, both Chief Warden and your heads must be in danger (of losing their position)
    Hannyabal: Me too!?

    (In the lift to Level 6)
    Domino: You too too long!!
    (cut off)
    Domino: Next time, please let them out quicker!
    Magellan: Not possible…
    Domino: We’re supposed to hand over the prisoner at the front gate this morning at (?) oclock
    Up to that is our mission here. If we fail, then Impel Down is.. (cut off)

    Pic 14:
    Impel Down front gate
    Onigumo: We’re going to take over Portgus D Ace’s escort here, and taking him to Marine HQ at Marine Ford, then handing him over!! Until then, men, you are not allowed to loosen your attention at all!!
    Marine: Yes sir!
    Onigumo: We have prepared for all occasion, and under the command of five warships and five Vice-Admirals, we will operate an impenetratable guard of the prisoner!!! Be at alert, and perform your duties!!
    Marine: Yes sir!

    Level 5…..
    Inazuma: Alright, let’s hurry!! 1 or 2 minutes of delay could change everything!
    Luffy: UOOOOOO!!! I feel so pumped!!
    Ivasan: If you don’t hide around, it’s not too much of a distance!

    Pic 15:
    prisoner: What the hell is that… who’s running?
    prisoner: Hey, isn’t that…. Ivankov, the one that died?
    prisoner: No way

    Luffy: Get out of our way!!!!

    Pic 16:
    Ivasan: DEATH WINK!!

    Ivasan: Inazuma, the keys!
    Inazuma: Yes ma’am. Ahead are… guards
    Luffy: Let them come!!

    monitor room
    guard: !!! We’ve spotted a suspect!! There are men running from Level 5 to 6!!
    !!! That large man is….!!!
    Pic 17:
    guard: That’s the Okama king Ivankov… the one that went missing!
    What’s going on, where has been hiding!? And along his side is… Strawhat Luffy!!
    And this one is a dissapeared prisoner from Level 5 too!! The revolutionary from South Blue, Inazuma!!
    What’s going on!? They are running straight for Level 6!! (cut off)

    guard: Right now, Ms. Domino and Warden Magellan is headed to Level 6… at this rate, they will clash!
    Hannyabal: Activate the traps in the hallway now!! Ask for reinforcements to Level 6 guard room!!
    Hold them off until Saddy-chan and her prison beasts arrive!!
    At the same time, report this to Warden Magellan and all the prison guards!! That is all!!

    Pic 18:
    Luffy: Get there in time… get there in time!! I’m coming, Ace!!

    Level 6
    Magellan: Alright then, Portgus D Ace…. We’re going to take you to…
    The town where the execution stand is… Marine Ford!!


    confermato si ringrazia powermanga

    tipo: immagine e credits


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