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    1) Postare, come dice il titolo, solo gli Spoiler (script e pics)! Per la loro discussione c’è l’apposito topic.
    2) Postare, possibilmente, script che abbiano almeno la traduzione in inglese (per una maggiore “leggibilità” da parte di tutti) con la relativa Fonte, il relativo Stato (Confermato, Incerto o Fake) e i dovuti Crediti.
    Script e Pics vanno rigorosamente sotto .
    3)Possibili fonti dove trovare spoiler confermati: Mangahelpers, apforums e 2ch.

    Thread chiuso fino a martedì pomeriggio.

    Have fun


    Fonte: Arlong Park
    Credits: Da_Pingunator
    Stato: Confermato

    [spoiler]Translation from Da_Pingunator (AP):

    Saint in hell (not quite sure if this is the right translation… it can also mean dead spirits, buddha)
    10 hours pass and Bon Kurei wakes up finding many okamas (fags/poofs) surrounding him
    seems like they’ re in an underground water tunnel deep into level 5. 5 new comers. (just says 5 new comers as a seperate sentence =/)
    Iwa-san’s eyes look like eyes from a ‘Matsuyama Kenichi movie’, they look like eyes of a death metal star. (don’t know how matsuyama kenichi is, i’m assuming he’s some bad ass heavy metal rock star or something)
    Iwa-san deflects a bullet that he aims on himself with a wink (i’m assuming he asked someone to shoot him to show his skills?)
    Iwa-san says that Luffy is already in his healing process but will take at least another 2 days[/spoiler]

    Fonte: Arlong park
    Credits: da_pingunator
    Stato: Confermato

    [spoiler]also from AP by doflamingo_37

    In addition to what was just added: (don’t know how true this is sounds more like a joke haha)
    Iwa-san was injecting himself with some ‘male’ hormone needles (i’m assuming hormone modification needles of some sort) but whilst doing so said ‘woman hormones.’ After saying this and injecting himself his face and body became a woman. EL HO EL !

    In addition:
    Sorry made a mistake there weren’t many okama’s there (not my mis-translation but whoever wrote the spoiler)[/spoiler]


    Fonte: Mangahelpers
    Stato: Confermato
    Credits: fdbgdg; canghai

    from 2ch



    Fonte: Ap forum
    Stato: Confermato
    Credits:dirt monkey AL

    Chapter 537: Buddha in Hell

    Nami: Haa … it’s so hot in this place. It really is like hell.
    Hannyabal: Nngh!!! Moro Sumi Smash!!! // uh … I’ll get back to this. let’s just say he likes what he sees // A healthy, lively beauty! <3 <3 Wait though …!! Ah? That quick tranny prisoner who just beat all the
    guards is … huh? Just who in the world are you …?
    Nami: Isn't it all right, big brother, for me to come here for a bit? <3 This sweat is so sticky. <3 Would you help me slip out of these clothes~?

    Hannyabal really likes this.

    Nami: Well, you could open this door, right? <3
    Hannyabal: Yes, yes, ye~~~es! <3 Of course! <3

    Opening the door, the two go inside.

    Bon Kurei: That got you, huuuh?
    Hannyabal: Hn?

    Shows a hanging tied up Hannyabal.

    Hannyabal: Unforgivable …!! I won't forgive that tranny …!!! It'd've been nice if it was the Warden's fault, but I can't believe he got the jump on me!!! And I want to be Warden.

    At that time on Level 4, the Burning Floor, in the Warden's Office

    Magellan: Ooh!! Oo~~~h!! I used too much poison.

    Level 2: Beast Floor

    [Yes, the prisoners have been detained in their cells, but there are still too many missing keys, so that'll be a little bit of a problem …]

    Level 3: Starvation Floor

    Sadi: That guy they couldn't find (looking at a picture of Bon Kurei) Nmmm ~~~ <3 isn't here!! Hurry!! Catch him!! That tranny prisoner must be brought to this floor hnmm ~~~ <3 at all costs!!

    Guards: Yes, sir!!

    As time flows, Mr. 2, Bon Kurei is …

    Bon Kurei: …?? Eh …??

    "Ooh, you're awake, big brother."
    "You were sleeping quite a while. Won't you have a drink!?"
    "New Comer! Kanpai!!" // In Japanese, New Comer kind of looks like a pun because it's similar to okama. //
    "We saw you on the moniter. It was interesting. You have a strange fighting style!!"

    Bon Kurei: What is this place …?
    Female(?): Why don't you take a seat. Which floor did you come from? There's a lot to eat here!!
    Bon Kurei: Where are we!? Where's Straw Hat-chan!?
    Female(?): Don't you remember escaping?
    Female(?): Just relax. This is Impel Down.
    Bon Kurei: That's not what I mean!! There's clothes, and cuisin, and sake here … this is a paradise!!! … That's right, I fought those wolves … Then Straw Hat-chan rose up to face them and saved me with a
    mysterious power … then I lost consciousness … So this is in a dream!? After that I froze to death, and this place is … the other side!!?

    Female(?): Well … you're awake? You slept well for about ten hours now …
    Bon Kurei: Ten hours!? What did you say!? Who are you!!?
    Female(?): My name is Inazuma // fun note, inazuma means flash of lightning // Excuse me. <3 Though I brought you here while you two were on the verge of freezing to death …!!
    Bon Kurei: Two …!! Straw Hat-chan's here!!? Where!!? Is he safe!!? Are you jailers!? Where is this!!?

    Inazuma: My, my, calm down … I'll tell you what happened.

    "Oh … the lights have turned on."
    "It's starting …!! On the stage!"

    Inazuma: Let's get in front.

    Person on the stage: You slept well, Candy Boy … No, Mr. 2 … Bon Kurei.
    Bon Kurei: … What?? How do you know my name …?
    Person on the stage: Nm ~~~ … You did well … to come here. (swings hips) This is … from Impel Down's sewer system … the road that shouldn't be which you follow to procede to … Paradi~~~ise!!! By all
    means, enjoy yourself. <3 The sake, the weapons, and the games. There is nothing … more free.

    The audience is excited.

    Person on the stage: Nmm ~~~ … Oh, yes, today the jailers are clamoring away, prisoners have disappeared, and chaaaarmed away to Makai! But that's regrettable. Eeeveeeryooone! I'm here!! Nm ~~ fufu
    … Is this not the Makai? Fufu … Welcome, underground society, to Okamakai that nobody knows!

    // Makai = Demon World (the hell they were talking about in the last chapter with the disappearances)
    Okamakai = Tranny World //

    The lights illuminate the person on the stage.

    Person on the stage: Impel Down's Level 5.5! The prisoner's Secret Flower Garden!!! Aaa ~~~!!!! New Comer Land!!!! Heeehaaa!!!

    [Kamabakka Kingdom Queen (Eternally Missing Number) Emporio Ivankov]

    Bon Kurei: Who's this perverted army brat!!? // He may be referring to the leather – I'm not sure. //

    Ivankov: … Fuu .. aah, a moment, the tension's too much … my … my anemia is rising …
    Audience: Iva-sama, are you all right ~~~!?
    Ivankov: It's not riiiisiiing!!!
    Audience: "It's not!!?"
    "What do you take us for!!?"

    Ivankov: Nm ~~ Fufufu, I'm well!! Tranny!!! We're in New Comer Land!! Heehaa!!! Hah!!! Haha ~~~!!!
    Bon Kurei: … Could it be that you … you are … Iva-san …!?
    Ivankov: Ooo~~~h, my! Me!! You knoo~~~ow meee!?

    Audience: "Wait, wait!! How did he know Iva-san so easily!!?"
    "That's right. He's the King of New Comers, Iva-sama!!"

    Ivankov: Say no more, Candies. Don't tease and fuss over the little things. What a problem to be teasingly called out. It's nothing to know my name … if it's all right to take a shit, I won't take a shit ~~~~!!!!
    Audience: "You're not!!!?"
    "What do you take us for!!?"

    Bon Kurei: … This person is … the Miracle Person …!!! For whom I have continuously had so much … respect and affection …!!!

    Emporio Ivankov!!!

    The door opened.

    Man: So you were the Queen of Kamabakka Kingdom from the start …!!! For fifteen years …!! The king of my country was my father who … walked all over the Kamabakka Kingdom … and then went and
    joined those trannies!!!! My country and home collapsed …!!! Royalty like me had to stoop to piracy!!! My enemy's been here!! Before I've fallen into this degrading life, now, take this!!!

    Ivankov: Agah!! Agagagagaga … sto … stop, please!!! You've taken out your weapon!! That's dangerous!! Dangerous trouble!!! I'm gonna die …!! If you hit me, I – I … I won't die!!!
    Audience: "You won't die!!!?"
    "What do you take us for!!?"

    Then as he's saying that, the guyu shoots a cannon shell(?) at Ivankov.

    Ivankov: Ooh~~~h … Death Wink!!!

    The wink makes it turn back on him.

    Man: Eh? Guoo~~~oh!!!

    Audience: … He did it. That was Iva-sama's usual wink – the Death Wink!!
    Ivankov: Nmm! ~~~ Fufufu.

    Bon Kurei: A wi … A wink sent back that shell!!?

    Ivankov's before the man.

    Man: Uuh … Uwah!!!
    Ivankov: Emporio Queen Le Monde!!! // This SEEMS to be Le Monde, but without the usual ド(do) at the end. Tell me if you think otherwise. //
    Man: Guaa~~~ah!!! Aah!! You …!! No way …!!
    Ivankov: My father became a woman … isn't that all right?
    Man: Ooh … stop it … You can't get right of me!!!
    Ivankov: I had two mothers!! One daughter!! What, isn't that all right since I got along so well with them!!?

    Woman: Stop!! Kyaa~~~ah!! How … how embarrassing!!
    Ivankov: Heehaa!!! I teased a bashful one, still, he should have kept his distance from the road of New Comer!!
    Bon Kurei: …!! That man … became a woman …!! He's surely the Miracle Worker …!! He's the genuine article!!

    Ivankov: Isn't it all right to be a man, to be a woman, to be a tranny – whatever you like!!? There is no boundary line for gender!! I have – no …!! We have!! Already gone beyond!!! We're a new kind of
    people!! New Comers!!! This is the garden of freedom!!! New Comer Land!!!

    Bon Kurei: The Miracle Worker, Emporio Ivankov!!! It's an honor to meet you!!! It's so good that we've met!! Really great … but I must seem so rude!! I have a favour to ask!!!
    Ivankov: ?
    Bon Kurei: I must ask you to help my friend who's been poisoned by Magellan …!!! There's no antidote, and his death is fast approaching on this level …!! If you can, somhow save him!!
    Ivankov: Is this about the Straw Hat Boy? We are prisoners. There's no one that can nurse such an injured guy back …!! Do you know … why your body has been healed? Because that Straw Hat Boy asked
    it of me!!
    Ivankov: Eh!!? Straw Hat-chan did …!?

    Luffy: Bon-chan … saved me … from the wolves … please, heal him!!! I'm begging you … he's my friend!
    Ivankov: …

    Ivankov: You surely would have died then … if he hadn't said those words. I've never heard of such a friendship to bloom in this prison like a flower, they'd sooner wear another's skin like a demon. The
    medical treatment for Straw Hat Boy already started ten hours ago!!!
    Bon Kurei: Really!!?
    Luffy: Uwaaaaaaaaah ~~~!!!

    Ivankov: But it's rough. He's been inside the cave, screaming non-stop for ten hours …!! After that, he'll suffer for two days.
    Bon Kurei: !!?
    Luffy: Ough!! Uuaa ~~~!!!



    Visto che non è stta aperta la discussione Solo spoiler per il capitolo 538 credo di non fare toro a nessuno se li posto qui:

    Spoiler Capitolo 538

    Fonte: 2ch
    Stato: Confermato
    Credits: Himajin


    Qui invece ci sono gli scripts degli spoiler

    Fonte: ap forum
    Stato: Confermato
    Credits: Aohige_AP

    Pic #1
    Chapter 538 “Lv5.5 New Comer (Kama) Land
    Zoro and a giant cock (no dirty pun intended)

    Pic #2
    Ivasan: 10 years of your life….!!!
    I’m going to use up 10 years of life you would have lived, Strawhat boy.

    Luffy: huff… huff… ok.

    Pic #3
    Ivasan: I’m not a god or buddha.
    “The miracle one”? I don’t care what you people decide to call me…
    but I have never saved idiots that simply relies on others to help them.
    Nation that’s about to collapse from poverty… nation that lost in a war, and about to perish…
    I’ve always questioned their “will to live”.
    Mircale only comes upon those who never gives up!!!
    Don’t underestimate “miracles”!!!!

    Pic #4
    Ivasan: ….in other words, I ate the hormone hormone fruit to become a hormone controlling human.
    sex, health, growth, (rest is too blurry to read)…. I’m an engineer of human body that can alter people from inside.
    You have the scent of “new men”, but…
    My candies here have surpassed the barriers of sex
    Women here may have been men before… and men here may have been women before, that type of miracle.
    Nnnnnnnfufufufu that kind of miracle!!

    Pic #5
    Ivasan: …and I heard that candy led to create a paradise for the prisoners.
    This place is like an ant trap dug in a massive rock….
    To explain by floors… this place is right in the middle of level 5 and 6.

    Bon-chan: Wait a sec, Level 6!? There is such a thing!?

    Ivasan: Yeah, it’s not a common knowledge here…
    But there is. Prisoners held there are serious trouble!!
    All of them are either on death-row or here for life…!!

    Pic #6
    (top cut off, illegible)
    Ivasan: it’s because there’s another powerful force here in this prison.
    Impel Down Chief Prison Guard…. (blurry) Shiryuu. He’s about equal in power to Magellan..!!
    Considering Magellan’s short active shift time, Shiryuu is more of a force to reckon with.

    Bon-chan: Equal to Magellan!?

    Ivasan: Impel Down have been protected by these two powerhouses to guard its iron defences

    Pic #7
    (Shiryuu: Who’s gonna care if I cut these trashes?)
    Magellan closes a cell on him

    Ivasan: He kept mass-murdering prisoners left and right, and was out of control.
    So they lebeled him a danger, and locked him up in Level 6

    Bon-chan: I’ve never heard such incident! Even if it was before I came here

    Ivasan: The worst female prisoner among the pirate world, Katherina Delin….
    Gigantic Battleship SanJuan Wolf… (other names there, but too blurry to read)

    Pic #8
    Luffy: (probably, top cut off) FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!
    Bon-chan: Mugi-chan!!?
    candies: Yeaaaaahhhh!!!! Mugiwara Boy!!!

    Ivasan: N…. no way!!? What’s going on!!? It hasn’t even been a day yet!!?

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