One Piece 534: Solo Spoiler

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    Luffy VS Chief
    Luffy undergoes poison tear gas. Numerical inferiority.
    Bon-chan runs away.
    Hanadeka (I think that means Buggy, it’s an abbreviation of “big nose”) and 3 run away to level three to challenge Vice-chief.
    Losing without being able to do anything, so it seems he doesn’t even need two arms.
    Chief gets hit in the stomach by Jet Bazooka and it’s over (= that means that the chapter is over).

    Scan 1
    Chapter 534: Chief Warden Magellan VS Pirate Luffy

    Scan 2
    Luffy: Damn it what is it?
    I was almost at where this declicious smell is coming from…!!
    Mr2: (bottom half cut-off, so speculating the lines from top half)
    Mugi-chan! Don’t fight him…!! That’s the chief Warden of Impel Down, a “poison-poison” fruit user!!

    Scan 3
    Luffy and Mr2 running away from Magellan’s hydra

    Scan 4
    Magellan creates a road made of poison, and rides it.
    Magellan: Venom Road!!!

    Scan 5
    Mr2: Magellan is a hellish ruler who can silence the most powerful crminals in the biggest prison in the world…
    There’s no way to win!!! I’m sorry, but I’m running away!!!
    I’m sorry mugi-chan!!!
    Mr3: (again the bottom half cut-off, writing by speculation)
    This is our only chance, while Magellan and strawhat are fighting!!

    Scan 6
    Magellan offers Luffy to give himself in
    Magellan: Will you… still not allow yourself to be captured quietly?

    Scan 7
    Luffy: (top half cut off)
    I’m going to rescue Ace… and going to leave this place!!
    I can’t die without even seeing him!! I will not allow Ace to be executed!!!
    If I’m going to lose just because I can’t touch you because of your poison….
    I’m going to touch you, and let you have my arms!!!

    Luffy goes into Gear 2

    Scan 8
    Luffy: Bazooka!!!
    Jet Bazooka strikes Magellan, but Luffy’s hands are affected by the poison as a result….

    The new OP “Share the World” is by TOHOSHINKI (東方神起), a korean boys band.

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