One Piece 531: Solo Spoiler

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    Marines surrounding come to the aid of Impel Down, but Chief Prison Guard Sady-chan tells them to go away. She attacks a marine, then seems to have sadistic orgasm from his pain. Marine officer acknowledges ID’s decision, and tightens the security around it.
    She then raises the bridge, cutting Impel Down off so no one can enter or leave.
    The marines see a massive Coala bear behind her as she closes the gates.

    Hancock uses her charm to create chaos at Lv5 while interviewing Ace.
    The aroused prisoners yell GIVE US HANCOCK, Magellan uses his poison fruit power to create poison dragons called Hydras to attack them.
    Magellan: Remember, I have both the authority and Power to execute all of you at any time!!
    While all this ruckus is going on, Hancock tells Ace and Jinbei about Luffy. Magellan and Hannyabal does not hear about this.

    Bon-Clay disguised as Zoro kicks the Sphinx off Luffy, and joins him in defeating the Sphinx and the guards.

    Luffy: Oh? It’s not Zorro….
    Bon: Long time no see!!! Mugi-chan, it’s me!
    Luffy: Bon-chan!!! I’m dissapointed it’s not Zorro, but… you’re alive!!
    Bon: (to the guards) Get the hell out of my way!! What do you think you’re doing to my friend!!

    Together, they beat the crap out of the Sphinx.

    Bon: So Mugi-chan, I hear you want to go to Level 5!?
    Luffy: Yeah, ca nyou show me the way?
    Bon: Ok then, let’s go together!!! I have someone to see in Level 5 as well!!!
    Luffy: Really~~~~!!?


    Marine:”If he breaks out in such a situation…! (looks on ruffys wanted poster) A one-man-invasion! However, if he succeeds in rescuing Ace, Impel Down, no, the whole World Government will be laughed at! Strawhat has to be captured in the name of Marine Headquarters! We will cover up as guards!”
    Sady:”Hmm~ <3 Not so hasty!"
    Marine:"Who are you!?"
    Sady:"I am torture-loving Sady-chan!"
    In front of the soldiers stands a very attractive women
    [Impel Down, Guard chief: Sady-chan]
    Sady:"It's a shame for Impel Down if the Marine helps during the breakout of a prisoner <3!"
    Marine:"Chan?? A bad joke?"
    Sady:"Shut up! That's how I am called!"
    A soldier shrinks back.
    Sady:"Uaah! I love those cries! <3"
    Marine:"You damn… Wait! Do you mean you don't need our help?"
    Sady:"This is the labyrinth of hell! If you don't know the ropes you'll be damned! We don't need your backup, we already have enough of it! This is the only entrance! If you close the draw bridge…mhhh~ <3 Impel Down will be completely bolted! Don't worry! An escape from the great prison is impossible!"
    Marine:"Alright, then we will wait outside!"
    Sady:"That's good!"
    Marine:"A koala?…"
    Behind Sady stands a gigantic koala. The gate closes. "Impel Down has been completely bolted!"
    Scene changes to Ace's level
    Prisoner: "Hannyabal.. What are you and Magellan doing down here?"
    Hannyabal: "A special meeting… Ace! Who do you think has come to see you? Jimbei, it's an old friend of yours! It's easy to guess! Her name is well known and her look is just beyond words… The empress of the Kuja warriors and one of the Schichibukai! The strongest and most beautiful women of the world! It's the Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock!"
    Hannyabal fires a showbag (lol, don't know how these things are called in english) and gets beaten by Magellan.
    Hannyabal:"Ow! What an infernal long pain reaches me there! Oh, pardon, a mistake! An infernal pain!" (I think this pun got lost in translation….)
    Magellan:"What's wrong with you?"
    Ace, Jimbei and Crocodile seem unimpressed
    Prisoner:"Wooooow~! I dreamt of such a beautiful women! This is the snake princess of the Kuja? Come to me Hancock-chan! <3"
    Prisoner:"Hey sweetie, come on to my cell. I won't be polite to you, Gyahahaha!"
    Prisoner:"What angelic aura!"
    Prisoner:"I want to go to the womenisland at all costs!"
    Prisoner:"Me too! I heard it's full of naked women..!!"
    Ace:"What do you want?"
    Hancock:"Uhh, nothing… I just wanted to come down here to see the man who set the sparkle to that war…"
    Prisoner:"Wow! Boa Hancock! She is really hot! Come over here!"
    Jimbei:"A handcuffed empress… Don't you think it's below your dignity to help the government in such times?"
    Prisoner:"Hey sis, sis!"
    Magellan:"Can't you be quiet for a while?"
    Prisoner:"Shut up, Magellan you rugrat!"
    Prisoner:"Buhaha! Nice! Hey, snake princess, don't you durst for men on your island?!"
    Hannyabal:"(quietly) I want to be the chief!"
    Domino:"Vize chief!"
    Hancock:"So, you're Jimbei… Hey, you over there!
    Prisoner:”Uwaaah! Beautiful! What a beautiful women! I want her! Hey, damn rugrat!”
    Momonga:”This is the most disgusting place.. This is really getting on my nerves!”
    Hannyabal:”Yes, there you are! Chief? If the chief loses his face it’ll be his end! He won’t be respected anymore!”
    Magellan:”Beautiful~! <3"
    Hannyabal:"Oh well, he won't tolerate this rude behaviour, for sure…"
    Prisoner:"Give Hancock to me!"
    Hannyabal:"Wah, just wait for a moment! This is dangerous for us, too! Beware!"
    Magellan:"Let's roll…"
    Prisoner:"Uh!? No, stop!"
    A huge dragon rises from Magellan's back

    Magellan:”Who’s the boss in this prison…? It seems I need to teach you lesson!”
    Prisoner:”Hey, dummy! This is a joke, isn’t it?”
    The Hydra rushes into the cell of the prisoner.
    Prisoner:”Ughaaah! Stop it Magellan!”
    The Prisoner is suffering from the poison
    Prisoner:”Ahh, this bastard!”
    Prisoner:”He’s going for it! There’s no use! You’re going to die!”
    Prisoner:”Ahh! An antidot… damn it! Uwaaah!”
    Magellan:”Don’t forget: I have the right and the power to execute all of you right now!”
    The prisoners are totally scared.
    Magellan:”So, you can continue your talk now, Miss Hancock”
    Hancock:”I just finished!”
    Ace:”Hey! Are you sure you’re right?”
    Hancock:”As if I’d lie… That would just upset and depress you…”
    Magellan:”What did you talk about?”
    Hannyabal:”Now a great leaving by the chief…”
    Jimbei:”Ace-san, what’s wrong with her…?”
    Ace:”My brother! She said he’s on his way down here!”
    Jimbei:”The strawhat you talked about all time? That’s absurd!”

    Scene changes to level 3

    Luffy:”I need to get away before somebody finds me! Hot, Hot!”
    Guard:”Search Sector C! Ah, I found him!”
    They block his way and try to catch him. They throw a net on him.
    Luffy:”Uwah, that’s Kairouseki again!”
    He gets trampled down.
    Luffy:”Bugeh! Uwah! Bloody hell, the lion!”
    The Sphinx wants to eat Luffy
    Zoro:”Wait, lion!”
    Zoro stands in front of Luffy
    Zoro:”I came to help you!”
    Luffy:”Eh? Zorro~!?”
    Zoro:”Uwaah! Swan Arabesque! Ngahahaha!”
    He defeats the lion with a kick.
    Luffy:”Eh? You’re not Zoro…”
    Bon Kurei:”Long time no see! It’s me strawhat-chan!”
    Luffy:”Bon-chan~! I’m disappointed your not Zoro, but I’m really glad you’re still alive!”
    Bon Kurei:”Hey! We’re inseparable friends!”
    The Sphinx is angry and releases a loud roar.
    Guard:”That’s it! Counterattack!”
    Luffy:”Yosh! Then, I’ll go and beat it up so we can go on!”
    Bon Kurei:”Fine, I’ll stay back! Nagahahaha!”
    Guard:”A new fugitive again! On each floor they get more and more combatants!”
    Luffy:”Bon-Chan! At that time I really thought you have died! You sacrificed yourself just to save us!”
    Bon Kurei:”Ngahahaha! Not joking! Okamas are immortal! Eh!? You’re right!”
    Bon Kureis powers are explained.
    Guard:”Blugori! Don’t let them escape!”
    Bon Kurei:”Alas, Strawhat-chan. Didn’t you say that you wanted to go to level 5?”
    Luffy:”Yes, can you show me the way?”
    Bon Kurei:”Let’s go together! There is someone I wanted to meet at level 5!”
    Luffy:”You’re serious?”

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