One Piece 530: Solo Spoiler

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    Lvl 3 is the hell of hunger.
    The heat from Lvl 4 goes up to Lvl 3 and the food is scarce.
    Sengoku is informed about Luffys plan to free Ace. Grap bursts out laughing.
    The boss is Blugori commander Saideath. At lvl 3 and 4 there are guardian beasts.
    Buggy fought Jimbei.
    Jimbei tells him that he doesn’t want the Minotours to notice them.
    Mr. 3 and Buggy seperated from Luffy
    Un Deux Kura~
    Un Deux Ora~
    Un Deux Kura~
    Un Deux Adoryaa~
    For men and women the world still is~…
    Well for a tranny the world is~…
    For men and women~… (8x heavily stressed)
    Tranny way!!
    Tran~ny w~ay~!!
    Mr 3 and Buggy are standing in front of Mr. 2s’ cell.
    Tranny Kung Fu: [Double dream of the autumn night]

    The End!


    The prisoner at lvl 2 cause trouble.

    Info about Luffy and Ace been brothers spreads around and Luffys goal to free Ace too. One of the soldiers:”We where distracted by Whitebeards attack… If only one out of 10000 has success breaking out the whole situation changes!!”

    In the Marine Headquarters:
    Sengoku:” 20 years ago the ignominy of the flying “Golden Lion” …even if that ended 20 years ago!! How many 100000s of prisoners there may be, even one breaking in or out would be too much… Once a legendary man escaped. I’ll be guarding the insurmountable wall called Impel Down to the very end. Fly a bit more… “You are the hero of the Marine or what they call you. A position at which you have to take the guilt of every single one of your family members!”

    Level 3 at the Sphinx:
    The Prisoners at Level 3 all have a bounty of 50 million or more. A lot of dangerous criminals.
    Heat, water and food rise up from the “Fire-Hell” below. [Tn: no sense?]
    There almost no torture here. The prisoners are almost dead already anyway. The Level is also called “Famine-Hell”
    Luffy says he wants to move forward to lvl 4 fast.

    Buggy, Mr. 3, Luffy and the Sphinx are easily captured with a big seastone web.

    Prison guard director Saldeath appears.
    Luffy however understands “Sarudesu”. (“I’m a monkey”) Misunderstanding is cleared up after a while.
    Below lvl 3 there are four Guardian-Beasts waiting.

    The Sphinx wakes up and rages. She destroys the web.
    There is a fight Luffy vs. Sphinx & Blugori & soldiers.
    Buggy and Mr. 3 climb out of the web at the top and run away. Luffy goes down another stairway and continues searching.

    Buggy and Mr. 3 are in trouble. (Luffys aims become known and the enemies decide to start chaseing)

    Appearance of Mr. 2

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