One Piece 529: Solo Spoiler

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    crocodile is saying that he wants to go and arrest white beard but there is no more chance for him to do so

    jinbei: you~~ (in a rude way)

    ace: u want to take my old man’s head?

    crocodile: i am not the only one

    other prisoners:「kill white beard!!」
    「that bastard will die? yahoo!」
    「that’s good!! superb!!」
    「take out to the sea!! i will be the one taking that bastard’s head」
    「let me fight him too」
    「i will end up white beard’s period」

    jinbei: shut up you bastards!!

    corocdile: jinbei! -cant read this- u better remember this very well…. -then he mentions something about white beard and roger and some people called (*something* medalist)- and of these people there are thousands of them out there in the sea kuhahahahaha!!!

    buggy:u~~wa~~ there is something over there, this is ——

    luffy: *********** (i have no idea what is he saying i cant read what is written)

    Mr.3: the master who protects the stairs

    sphinx is daydreaming of ramen

    buggy: we are reminding him of noodles!!

    sphinx: amen

    buggy: he just prayed!!!


    When they went to level 3 crocodile showed up.

    The reason why Jinbei wants to stop this fight is because he doesn’t want Whitebeard to die

    Crocodile shows up

    Sphinx showed up in level 2.

    ルフィ、バギー、Mr.3 レベル3へ落下
    Luffy, Buggy and Mr.3 went down to level 3.

    When the the Great Pirate Age started, Fishman Island became lawless.

    It is because all of the pirates who are heading to the new world must pass through it.

    The one who rescued them was Whitebeard 「from today on, this is my turf!」

    Since then no one ever laid a hand on this island and peace came to this island

    and thats why Jinbei is backing up Whitebeard

    There are a lot of islands just like this in the New World

    Jinbei is fears that after Whitebeard’s death the world will go into chaos

    and luffy&company are

    there was something or what ever it is Buggy and Mr.3 took it out and they fell from the floor to level 3

    In level 2 the boss was Sphinx.


    Pic 1: Chapter 529 “Beast Hell”

    Pic 2:
    Ace: I remember you nearly killed me one time…
    Jinbei: That goes for both of us. I just wanted to be of use to him…
    The reason why the fishman island is peaceful now… is all because of Whitebeard..!!

    Pic 3:
    Ace: Jinbei, please stop…. it’s just gonna make it even more painful!
    Jinbei: I haven’t given up on hope. I still believe in “miracle” and “chance”.
    Ace: ……..!!!

    Crocodile: Kuhahahaha…. It seems to be getting interesting out there in the free world.

    Pic 4:
    Buggy: There’s more and more monsters coming!
    Luffy: Holy…!! That huge centipede just blew up!
    Mr.3: That thing’s made up of multiple Puzzle scorpions!! They have deadly poison!!
    Buggy: I heard the boss of the monsters in Level 2 has a face like lion… are these it!!?
    (talking about the lion-like creatures next to the puzzle scorps)
    Mr.3: No! Those are man-eating lions with face of a man, called Manticore!

    pic 5:
    Buggy: Oh god… there’s something there, for sure.
    Luffy: Lio…. no, an old man?
    Mr.3: That’s the guardian of the stairs… the Sphinx!!

    Pic 6:
    ???: Aaaaaaahhh!! This stupid monster! It broke through the floor!
    Prison guard: This is Level 3… Whoa!! The ceiling collapsed, and a monster is falling this way!
    Luffy: Uwaaaaaa!!!
    Mr.3: This is not good!
    Buggy: You know underneath us is Level 3!!?

    Pic 7:
    prisoner: I’ll end Whitebeard’s reign!!
    Crocodile: Jinbei… Fire fist… listen well!!
    There are tons of “silver medalists” in this sea… that had to suffer simply because they lost to Roger or Whitebeard!! Kuhahahaha!!!

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