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    Source: AP
    Verification: Confirmed
    Creditz: Aohige_AP

    Pic0 (the first posted one with Jinbei):
    Jinbei, the Man of the sea (or Yakuza of the sea)
    fishman of whale-shark
    former bounty: 250 million

    Chapter 528: Jinbei, the Kaikyou
    (Kaikyou is usually Straits. But Oda used the kanji of “kyou” for a honorable gangster yakuza, making this word a pun.
    Since puns don’t carry over in English, “Jinbei, the Yakuza of the sea” might be a good title)
    coverstory: Final episode of CP9 story arc “And then the ship dissapears to nowhere…”

    Buggy: Damnit, we’re done for, we’re going to be eaten!! I had no intention to come down here to level 2!
    I was gonna just take off leaving you here!!
    Luffy: What? Did you say something Buggy? What the hell is that creature?

    Buggy: That’s a mutant… the rarest beast of all!!
    A snake born from a cock, the Basilisk!! Level 2 is Wild Beast Hell!! There are beasts like these released everywhere on this floor!!

    Level 4 Warden Room
    Hancock: It sure is hot here…
    Hannyabal: Outside that wall is like a house fire.
    Hancock: Is the Warden not here yet?
    Hannyabal: Warden Magellan suffers from stomach ache for about 10 hours a day… and it is his daily duty to spend that much time in the bathroom everyday.
    He sleeps about 5 hours, so he only works for about 4 hours a day, after taking out the time for his meals and breaks.
    Hancock: ….and he can run the place as a warden?

    Impel Down Prison Warden Magellan [Poison-man of the Poison-Poison fruit]
    Magellan: uh……. (holding his stomach)

    Magellan: What!? An infiltrator in my Impel Down!?
    Domino: That’s rediculous!! Infiltrator has never been allowed in the history of this prison!!
    Magellan: Show me the visuals!
    Hannyabal: This is an atrocity! And it’s a problem of job responsibility (on your behalf)
    Hancock: (….!! Could it be… he’s been discovered…!?)
    Warden…. I would like to go see the prisoner right away
    Magellan: Ok, let’s go!
    Domino or Hannyabal: Warden!? It’s an emergency!!

    Basilisk is slain
    Buggy: Your… Your hand grew huge in size….*breathing heavily* What was that? And what’s with your looks?
    Chibi-Luffy: It’s “Gear 3”!! …. I finally defeated it….!! Let’s hurry to Level 3!!

    (first panel too blurry)
    Luffy: You just said you don’t know the way, big-nose?!
    Buggy: Who the hell are you callin’ big-nose!?
    Mr3: If you’re in trouble in this floor… do you need my assistance?
    Luffy: eh!?
    Buggy: What’s wit him?

    Mr3: Hahahaha…. it’s been a while, “Strawhat Luffy!
    Strange turn of events, I’m freed because of you…. I’m a man who repays his favor
    Luffy: Who are you?

    Mr3 fixes his hair
    Luffy: oh, “3”! that means you are…. the guy at the islands with those giants…. “3 (san!!)”
    Mr3: It’s “Mr 3”!!!

    Pic 8:
    Ace: They beat you up good, eh boss?

    Jinbei: If I can stop this fight… I won’t hesitate to give my life!!!

    Discussione Spoiler


    Japanese to English script translation.

    Please don’t use this for scanlations.

    528: Yakuza Jimbei
    Last CP9 Cover Story: The Ship Disappears

    [Impel Down’s Level 2: Wild Animals of Demon World Floor]
    Something seems to be blocking their path.

    Luffy&Buggy: We’re in!!!

    The two run away.

    Buggy: Damn it~~!!! It’s no use, it’ll eat us alive!!! I wasn’t even planning to come down to Level 2!! I was just gonna ditch you!!!
    Luffy: Huuh!? What’d you say!? Buggy, what’s that thing!!!?
    Buggy: That’s the mutation of a rare beast!!! This floor’s chock full of spliced monsters like that!!!
    Luffy: Didn’t they just make a chicken!?
    Buggy: They didn’t make anything normal – that’s a monster!!! They raised it in the prison, feeding it anyone that they leave here!!!

    To fight the Basilisk, Luffy stands before it.

    Luffy: All right, come at me …!!!

    At this time [Level 4: At the Office of the Prison Warden]

    Hancock: It’s really hot here …
    Domino: That’s because there’s flames beyond those walls.
    Momonga: And the warden’s here?
    Hannyabal: Warden Magellan has an upset stomach for ten hours every day … It’s his daily routine to shut himself up in the bathroom. He sleeps for about eight hours, and taking account of rest and meals, he works four hours.
    Momonga: And that’s the warden working …?
    Hannyabal: Well, we rely on him. (There’s the sound of a toilet’s flush.) We wait no longer, he’s coming!
    Domino: What he forgot to tell you is that the warden’s a Poison Poison Fruit user, so he’s a poison man. He gets the job done.

    Four people that look like devils show up. [Impel Down’s Prison Warden, Magellan. Poison Poison Fruit’s Poison Man]

    Magellan: Aa~~~~ … Guests … I am Warden Magellan!! That was a truly furious battle.
    Guard: Yes, you went though a lot, Warden!!
    Magellan: Aah, so radiant …!! What a radiant room, the darker it gets when I seclude myself, I want to stay in there. If I can, I want to seclude my heart …
    Hannyabal: Don’t say such stupid things, Warden … Vice-Admiral Momonga has brought one of the Shichibukai, Boa Hancock-dono.
    Momonga: We’re in a hurry, Warden Magellan.
    Magellan: Aah, my apologies, it’s just my stomach. It seems that I had poisonous soup for breakfast …
    Hannyabal: I thought you wanted something poisonous.
    Magellan: The poison man that I am loves poison … I didn’t say something like that … To control poison, I must do this.
    Hannyabal: You became one since you can’t control your diarrhoea. (I think?)
    Magellan: As usual, you have a poison tongue, Hannyabal.
    Hannyabal: Quickly, Warden, may it go down with ease, plea … Ah, that’s not what I meant. They wish to meet Fire Fist Ace.
    Magellan: Troublesome. Now’s a bad time to err! How could I have such a heartless subordinate – haa~~~~~~ … (Not entirely sure about that last sentence.)

    Magellan starts to suck in air.

    Hannyabal: Uh! Wait, please hold your breath! Your breath is really poison gas.
    Magellan: …!! *laughs*
    Hannyabal: What did you have in there!!!?
    Magellan: Serves you right, stupid subordinate.
    Hannyabal: You breathed poison!!!
    Hancock: …!! You’re rather rude to just breath poison like that!!
    Magellan: Uoh!! What a beauty!!! I’m in love!

    Domino: Vice-Warden, that’s the warden’s seat.
    Hannyabal: Someday, it’ll be my seat …

    Momonga: Can we carry on? *gets angry*

    BI BI BI! (Alarm)

    Hannyabal: Yes, this is the Vice-Warden.
    Magellan: Why’re you answering …!!? *breathes in*
    Hannyabal: I’m gonna die! Damn it …!! I’m gonna die!!! Damn it all …!! Warden … please … don’t …!!
    Magellan: What did you say!? My Impel Down has intruders!? Show me the image!!
    Domino: That’s ridiculous!! There’s never been anyone in the history of the prison who’s invaded!!
    Hannyabal: This is serious!!! It’s the warden’s duty.

    Hancock: (…!! It couldn’t be … has he been found out …!?)

    Hancock goes into maiden mode.

    Hancock: Warden … <3 I'd really like to go see the prisoner. <3
    Magellan: Yes, let's go! <3
    Hannyabal: Warden!? Isn't this a serious matter!!?

    At this time, with prison guards.

    Guards: That's strange …!! We lost connection with Warden Magellan!!
    In any case, have the jailer rooms on all floors report to the Marine Headquarters!!!
    We don't know his purpose, but there's no doubt about it – right now, Buggy the Clown is running around on Level 2 …!! And there's Straw Hat Luffy!!!
    … We can't get into contact with the Level 2 jailer room!!!

    Level 2 jailer room!! Answer us – what's happening!? Jailer room!!!

    The image shows all the guards have collapsed

    Buggy: …!!
    Luffy: All right!!
    In front of them is the fallen Basilisk.
    Buggy: … You … your hand got huge, zee … zee … What’s going on – now your body’s so small!
    Luffy: That’s Gear 3!! Anyway, he’s down …!!! Hurry …! Let’s get to Level 3!! (I think this means that they went back to where they first fell, but I’m not sure – or maybe they got lost.) We’re back.

    Prisoners: The gods of aid have descended to help us!
    That monster’s been defeated …
    The Basilisk’s been killed~~~~!!!
    You must’ve done it!!! You guys’re incredible~~~~!!!
    I can’t believe that while he was at it, the jailer’s room collapsed. You’re our god!!
    I dunno who you are or where you came from, but thank you!!
    I beg of you to give us the keys!! The keys to the handcuffs!!
    The keys fell over there!!
    Mr 3: That’s … Straw Hat Luffy … What’s he doing here …!!!? … No, what is this? To go out of the jail cell would no doubt mean a jailbreak. If I were to use him here …!!! I won’t have this chance to escape again!!! I would desert even a god here!!! (I think that’s what that says.)

    They open the jail doors.

    Prisoners: All right~~~!! It’s opened~~!!!
    We’re out of the cells~~~!!!
    Buggy: Gyahahahaha!!! Thank me, you scum!!! Tell me the name of the man who granted you freedom!!!
    Prisoners: Captain Buggy!! We’ll never forget this favour!!!
    Captain Buggy is our saviour!!!
    Buggy: Ngyahahahaha!! That’s right, engrave the name into your hearts!!! Hurry and open the cells!! (Having these guys come out, if they’ll awaken chaos here … I can take advantage of it and escape!!!)
    Luffy: Hey, what’re you doing? Hurry and guide me!! Isn’t there another hole we can go down!?
    Buggy: Gya, this is where we part. I don’t know any ways to Level 3!! Don’t you know that this whole prison is a labyrinth!!!?

    Rrrrrr!!! (A wild beast’s cry)
    So, all of the prisoners go back into their cells.

    Luffy: What’re you saying!? Didn’t you say you were gonna lead me to Level 4!!!?
    Buggy: I lied!! I lied for the treasure I want!!! Gyahaha, here I’ll be on this floor running wildly with the prisoners … Huh? Huh?? Hey!! What’s wrong with you guys!? This is our chance for a jailbreak!!! How about some chaos …?
    Luffy: You lied to me.
    Prisoners: No … wait, let’s party!! There’s no chance! Even the Floor Boss can’t get out with his best abilities …
    Besides, we’re safer in our cells …!!

    Buggy: A … all right!! Straw Hat!! Let’s go fall into Level 3!!
    Luffy: Just now didn’t you not know about it!!!? Big nose!!
    Buggy: Who has a big nose, jerk!!!?

    Mr 3: If you’re worried about something on this floor, why don’t I lend my strength?
    Luffy: Hm!?
    Buggy: Who’s that guy?
    Mr 3: Fuhahaha … It’s been too long!! Straw Hat Luffy!! Strangely enough, I’d like to join you as I’m a free man … I’m a man who returns favours.
    Luffy: Who’re you? Ah!! A three, huh … You! The guy from the Giant guy’s place …! Three!!! (Luffy actually says the Japanese word for three which is san.)
    Mr 3: That’s Mr 3!!!

    [The floor where Fire Fist Ace is.]

    A bluegori strikes someone.

    Man: Haa … zee … zee … anybody … let me out!!!!

    He continues to strike the man. Then, the bluegori comes out.

    Man: …!! …!!! It itches here too … (I don’t get it either. Mebbe he’s so badass, he just saying it’s just an itch.)
    Ace: Again … so ha – harsh … what he did … boss …
    Man: … Haa!!! My body doesn’t hurt …!!! Ace-san … pain is …!!! To overlook your moral code – that’s from my heart!!!

    The man is [Shichibukai: Yakuza Jimbei – Former Bounty: 250,000,000 Berries]

    Ace: Jimbei …!!
    Jimbei: Cutting me up … I won’t die from this …!! What’s the title of a Shichibukai … I’d give it up!!! To stop this battle … I’d give up my life!!!

    End of chapter


    Thanks to the guys on opwiki for the german translation. I tried my best to translate it back in english. Here it is:

    [Impel Down, level 2, the floor of the wild Hell beasts]
    Something big blocks Luffy and Buggy.
    Luffy and Buggy “What is thaaaaaat!”
    The 2 flee.
    Buggy “Oh shit! That’s not good at all! Now they’re gonna eat me! I didn’t intend to go to level 2!You have ruined my plan!”
    Luffy “Huh? What are you saying? What is this thing!?”
    Buggy “That’s one of the rarest mutant animal that exists! It’s a mix of a cock and a snake, a “basilisk! Level 2 is the hell of the wild beasts! On this level there are a lot of monsters like that”
    Luffy “Did you said that it was made of a cock?”
    Buggy “A mutant monster is a artificially created monster! Out there it won’t survive. It was raised in this prison”
    They block the attacks of the basilisk. Luffy opposes the basilisk
    Luffy “Hey, come…”

    [level 4, the office of the director/chief of ID]
    Hancock “It’s really hot here…”
    Domino “That’s because it burns behinds the walls!”
    Momonga “Are we soon meeting the director?”
    Hannyabal “The chief Magellan trains every day 10 hours for an emergency… He locks himself everyday in the toilets! He sleeps for 8 hours every day and because he needs time to eat and for a break he is only working 4 hours everyday in the office!”
    Momonga “And that qualifies him to the chief of this prison?” (sweat)
    Hannyabal “In emergency we can count on him… (The sound of the flush in the WC) Thanks, for waiting! He will surely comes out now!”
    Domino “What we forgot… The chief rhas the Doku Doku No mi ability, he is a poison-human! Be carefull!” [TN
    Magellan “Ahhhhh~ That are likely the visitors… I’m the chief, Magellan! That was a wild fight…” (TN: he is probably referring about what he did in the toilets)
    employee “Thank you, Chief!”
    Magellan “Aaah~ How sparkling… Why is it sparkling here like that? The room must be darken! If possible not too depressive!”
    Hannyabal “What dumbshit are you talking about, chief! Vice admiral and shishibukai Boa hancock wait for you!”
    Momonga “You should hurry, chief Magellan!”
    Magellan “Oh sorry! I have only prepared myself for an emergency! It seems as if there was today in the Breakfast soup no poison…”
    Hannyabal “I didn’t really know about the poison, Mash!”
    Magellan “Poison if for a poison-man like me the favorite dish! I’ve said it more than enough… Similar is cured with similars (i’m sorry i don’t know how to translate it properly basically he said that if you are poisoned you should eat poison and you will be cured…), the principle of homoeopathy ”
    Hannyabal “I thought that you become diarrhea after that…”
    Magellan “You are foul-mouthed, Hannyabal!”
    Hannyabal: “COuld you quickly move away from the chief sit… Oh, i’ve done an error! We would be glad to meat quickly meat Firefist ace”
    Magellan “Nasty! What an nasty error!! I am not a bloody underlying!!! Hachiiii~”
    Magellan sighs.
    Hannyabal “Ah! Please be carefull with sighing! Your breath is poison!”
    Hannyabal “Do you want to encapsulate something!?”
    Magellan “Look you dumb underlying!”

    Hannyabal “Poison-spit!”
    Hancock “Do you want to forbid him to breath!? Really rude!”
    Magellan “Oh what a beauty! Now i love her!”
    Domino “subsidiary chief, this is the chiefs sit!”
    Hannyabal “Now it’s my sit…”
    Momonga “Could you hurry a little?!”

    Bibibibibi (Alarm)

    Hannyabal “Hello, here is the chiefs room!”
    Magellan “Why the hell did you pick up the phone…” (sigh)
    Hannyabal “Die! Damnit! Die! Damnit! I wanted to become the chief…”
    Magellan “What was that? An intruder in my Impel down? I want a picture!”
    Domino “That can’t be! In the whole history of ID there was never an intruder!”
    Magellan “It has the highest priority, a desaster! This is a task for the chief!”
    Hancock “(That impossible… Has he done a ruckus?)”
    Hancock makes a cute pose.
    Hancock “Oh mister chief! Don’t you think that the prisoners should go back to their cells?”
    Magellan “Yes, let’s go!”
    Hannyabal “Chief!? Is the incident true?”

    Meanwhile at the entrance

    Guard “Weird… We have lost the connection to chief Magellan!”
    Guard “Well we should inform every guardroom on every level and the MHQ!”
    Guard “What does it means? What is his goal? No doubt, he runs now with buggy the clown on level 2! This is strawhat luffy!!!”
    Guard “Guardroom on level 2, please respond! What happened! What going on!? Guardroom!”
    We see every guards in the room and they are all defeated.

    [Level 2, guard room remains]
    Buggy “…!”
    Luffy “Oshi!!”
    In front of them lies the basilisk
    Buggy “Y…Y… Your arm was so huge! What the heck was that?!”
    Luffy “That was gear 3! I must defeated him somehow…!!! Hurry up!! Let’s go to level 3!”
    Prisonner “The end of the beast of the hellgod! They have defeated the monster! The basilisk was defeated! Even the guardroom was destroyed! They must be gods! whoever you are, thank you! I whish, you would search for the keys! Please, the keys for the cells and the handcuffs…! I want to be free!”
    Mister 3 “Aren’t you luffy the strawhat?! What are you doing here!? Although you’re out of the cell, don’t you want to flow? We can need your help! That’s the perfect timing for an escape! I haven’t made an agreement with god yet!”

    The cells are unlocked

    prisoner: “Yeah !! They are open!! I’m out of the cell!!”
    Buggy: “Gyahahaha!! Thankfull idiots!!! You douchebags, say the name of the man, who freed you”
    Prisoner: “Captain buggy!! We will never forget you’re kindness!! Captain buggy is our Saviour!!”
    Buggy: “Ngyahhahahhaha!! That’s right, Remember this name!!!
    Open quickly the rest of the cells!! (I didn’t wished to come here but this will cause chaos… And i will benefit from it and flee)!!”
    Luffy “Hey you, did you say something?! Lead me quickly further!! Is there also here a hole like the one before!?”
    Buggy “Gya, let me go, you douchebag, i don’t know the way to level 3!! I didn’t memorize every floor in this Labyrinth-like Prison!!!”

    Varururu!!! (The sound of a beast)
    All the prisoners hide themself in their cells

    Luffy “What do you say!? You said back then, that you will show me the way to level 4!!”
    Buggy “I lied! Lied! I only wanted the treasure, that’s why i lied!!! Gyahaha, beginning from here you will only find in each floor totally uncheckable prisoners.. Huh?! Huh? Hey, what’s wrong with you!? It’s your big chance to break out!! Generate chaos everywhere”

    Luffy “So you lied”
    Prisoner “No… we were a little careless, but we haven’t any chance!!! Only the boss of this floor is…”
    “In our Cells we are safe…!!”
    Buggy “O…okay!! Strawhat!! I’ll show you the way to level 3!!”
    Luffy “didn’t you, big nose, actually said that you don’t know the way!?”
    Buggy “Who do you call big-nose here, damnit!!?”
    Mr.3 “You came on this floor somehow, that’s why you my help, right?”
    Luffy “Hm?”
    Buggy “Who is that guy?!”
    Mr.3 “Fuhahaha… long time we didn’t see each other, right?! Strawhat-Luffy!! What a weird coincidence, that i came free with your help… I am a man that pays his dues (well more like i’m a man of honor that will help you cause you helped me…)”
    Luffy “Who are you!? Ah!! The “3”… That means, you!! You were by the Giants…!! You are three!!!”
    Mr.3 “It’s called “Mr. 3″!!!”

    “Floor where Ace the firefist is held”

    One Minotaur beats someone.
    Man “Haa…zee…zee… i will never bow to the command… of anybody”
    The man is beaten till the minotaur leaves the room.

    Man “…!!…!! I feel a little prickling on the place”
    Ace “you were pretty much… beaten… again, hm… Boss?”
    Man “…Haa!!My body and everything don’t hurt…!! Ace… whar hurts is my… with humanity and justice filled heart !!”

    This man is no less a person than “One of the shishibukais -“The (whatever you might translate it) Boss of the oceans” Jimbei – former Bounty 250 millions Berry”

    Ace “Jimbei…!!”
    Jimbei “It’s like that… i will die, but with my death comes the end…!! The title of shishibukai is… only a title!! If i can stop this fight… i will be glad to give my life for it”

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