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    1) Postare, come dice il titolo, solo gli Spoiler (script e pics)! Per la loro discussione c’è l’apposito .
    2) Postare, possibilmente, script che abbiano almeno la traduzione in inglese (per una maggiore “leggibilità” da parte di tutti) con la relativa Fonte, il relativo Stato (Confermato, Incerto o Fake) e i dovuti Crediti.
    Script e Pics vanno rigorosamente sotto .
    3)Possibili fonti dove trovare spoiler confermati: Mangahelpers, Narutofan e 2ch.

    Ho deciso che si può aprire il topic

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    [SPOILER]Madara and Zetsu are in a Shady room….

    Zetsu: When will your eyes be complete for initial mangekyou?

    Madara : A week or so………….

    Shady Figure: What will we do when we have gathered the Jinchuriiki?

    Madara: As Nagato’s Plan is dead, literally. I Will Absorb the power of there souls and then split them between us.

    Shady Figure: Then why have I been pluggede into this thing?

    Madara: Because we need a rinnengan user to initiate “Eye of Moon.” You Fire the Kinjutsu at the Moon and then Absorb the “Pure sphere” the artifact that the Sage of the Six Paths sealed away when fighting my Grandfather in his youth, the first Uchiha. Kindra Uchiha.
    Then I will absorb the sphere and gain the Eternal Mangekyou, then I will take sasukes Eternal Mangekyou, presuming he atttains them, to Create the Original Sharingan that echoes through History, the Sage sealed the power away as it wasn’t too his liking…..

    Shady Person:Unforunately, I can not create six realms as Nagato did, You see each rinnengan user has two similar tech and one differant. We all have Six forms of Nature and Control over the Three Hell Statues. However our third skill is diffeent, mine involves six releases………

    Madara: You will Be useful, you aren’t being drained at all…….. Soon the Plan will be Complete

    Scene change to Danzou…

    Root Member: You must take two ninja with you….

    DanzouThought) It will have to be Naruto Uzamaki, I can’t let him go woth those cloud nin, he will prevent the assination, and also I need an ally….HHmmmmm…Tenzo….

    ___At this point Danzou thinks Tenzo is more on his side than Narutos he is wrong of course——-

    Danzou: I wish to have Uzamaki and Captain Yamato

    Root Member: I am afraid Yamato is building Konoha.

    Danzou: In that case Sai..

    Scene to Naruto.

    He has been beat up badly.

    A root member gives him the Message.

    Naruto: I can’t……..

    Root:You must..

    Naruto:That Bastard….

    Scene to Kages.

    They all have arrived and Sasuke is seen on a nearby mountain.


    [SPOILER]Madara e Zetsu(metà scura) si trovano in una stanza ….

    Zetsu: Quando saranno pronti i tuoi occhi per attivare il Mangekyou?

    Madara: Una settimana più o meno ………….

    Zetsu: Cosa faremo quando avremo raccolto i Jinchuriiki?

    Madara: Assorbiremo il potere e ce lo spartiremo…

    Zetsu: Allora perché sono stato scelto in questa cosa?

    Madara: Perché abbiamo bisogno di qualcuno in grado di avviare rinnengan al piano “Occhio di Luna”. Poi sarò possibile Assorbire la “pura sfera” la figura che il saggio dei sei regni chiuse quando lottò contro mio nonno quando era giovane, il primo Uchiha. Kindra Uchiha.
    Dopo aver assorbito la sfera otterrò il Mangekyou eterno…..

    Shady Persona: Sfortunatamente, non posso creare sei regni come Nagato ha fatto, ogni persona ha due tecniche del rinnengan simili e una differente. Abbiamo tutti Sei forme della natura e di controllo nel corso dei tre stati infernali. Tuttavia la nostra terza abilità è differente………

    Madara: Il piano sta per essere completato

    Cambio di scena su Danzou …

    Anbu:E necessario prendere due ninja con voi ….

    Danzou:Uno che dovra essere naruto Uzumaki,non posso lasciarlo andare con quelli della nuvola,ho bisogno di un alleato:Tenzo

    Danzou: vorrei avere Uzumaki e Capitano Yamato

    Anbu: Temo che Yamato sta costruendo Konoha.

    Danzou: In questo caso Sai ..

    Scena su Naruto.

    Egli è stato picchiato.

    Un membro radice gli dà il messaggio.

    Naruto: Non posso ……..

    Anbu: Devi ..

    Naruto: Che Bastard ….

    Scene di Kages.

    Essi sono arrivati tutti e Sasuke è visto su una montagna vicina.[/SPOILER]


    Fonte: Naruto Manga Spoilers
    Stato: Incerto

    It will open with Team Hawk.

    Karin: “Sasuke, there’s someone with huge chakra coming towards us.”
    Sasuke: “How long ’til they get here?”
    stranger: “Right now.”
    Team Hawk stops and looks up. In the trees is Konan, but she’s not in her Akatsuki robes.
    Zetzu: “Konan…”
    Konan: “Oh, Zetzu. I didn’t notice you. You must be Sasuke. Would you care to talk?”
    Zetzu: “Kill her!”
    Sasuke charges at Konan with the Chidori, but (no surprise) it doesn’t work. Konan dodges it and pretty much beats Sasuke’s sorry ass like a drum.
    -cut to Naruto-
    Shikamaru walks near and notices. He immediately tries to intervene. Sai stops him.
    Shikamaru: “Hey, what the Hell are you doing!?”
    Omoi: “This doesn’t concern you.”
    Shikamaru: “You’re beating the shit out of my friend, of course it concerns me.”
    Sai: “Allow me to explain: Naruto has allowed them to take out their anger on him.”
    Shikamaru: “That makes no sense!”
    Sai: “No. I suppose it doesn’t.”
    Naruto: “It’s Sasuke. They’re angry because Sasuke captured their master for Akatsuki.”
    Shikamaru: “And you’re waisting your time here? You should be looking for your master, you idiots!”
    Omoi: “What do you know!?”
    Shikamaru: “Don’t be such a pain in the ass. I know how it feels to lose your master, and right now you should focus on finding him. Not beating the crap out of someone who had nothing to do with it.”
    -cut back to Sasuke-
    Konan has thrown him quite a way from the others. He’s obviously gotten his ass handed to him (never seen that before).
    Konan: “You’re so stubborn. If you can’t defeat me, what makes you think you stand a chance against the five Kages? You’ll be dead in four seconds.”
    Sasuke: “I have no choice! I have to obey Madara, or he’ll kill me.”
    Konan: “Odd…I wouldn’t have thought a coward could kill Orochimaru.”
    Sasuke: “What did you call me?”
    Konan: “A coward, you simple little pawn.”
    Sasuke: “I’m no one’s pawn!”
    Konan: “That’s why you’re doing exactly what Madara says? He had you in the palm of his hand since you went out to “exact vengence”.”
    Sasuke: “SHUT UP! Maybe if I kill everyone you care about, you’ll understand my pain!”
    Konan: “I’ve heard that plan before. It won’t work on me, because they are all dead.”
    Sasuke has a flashback to when Kakashi said the same, and thinks about Naruto and Sakura.
    Konan: “Sasuke, Zetzu will be here soon. I don’t have much time to explain to you…the secret of Akatsuki.”[/SPOILER]

    Edit by shikaku: ho messo “Incerto” perchè non mi pare molto affidabile, casomai poi si passa di nuovo a “Confermato”:wink:


    Fonte: Anime Light
    Stato: Incerto

    [SPOILER]As the Kages near the Summit, business down in Konoha commences

    (Naruto’s punishment continues. Karui continues to beat Naruto. After a hard right to the nose, effectively breaking it from our view, she drops her left elbow into his gut, causing him to spew up more blood. She prepares to splatter his face once more, this time with a downward side elbow. Naruto notices the danger of getting hit, so he immediately does an x block.)

    [For those who don’t know what that is, it is basically your forearms coming together to form an x, and you use the momentum from your shoulders and arms to parry the blow, knocking the opponent off guard. In this case, Naruto just holds the position.]

    (Sai attempts to step in, but automatically someone stops him.)

    “Sempai,” said Sai. “What are you doing Sai? Danzou gave strict orders to spy on his actions. Whatever business he gets into, you should report to Danzou. It seems he made quite the trouble, getting into conflict with Cloud,” said Hyou

    “That’s not,” said Sai before he is cut off. “Don’t hold any personal feelings toward a mission, ever. Emotions only cause missions to be compromised. I really came here to seek you out because Danzou wanted you and I as escorts to the Summit of the Five Kages,” said Hyou.

    “What,” asked Sai. “It seems Akatuski has become too much, even more of a nuisance. This caused Raikage to order a meeting to quickly deliver the nail into their coffin. Enough of that though. Come, quickly,” said Hyou.

    (Switch Scene back to Naruto’s beating.)

    “What’s wrong? Tired? I thought I could beat the snot out of you until I’m tired. But guess what? I’m not tired yet! Or are you going to tell me about Uchiha Sasuke? Either one fits me fine,” said Karui.

    “I, I… I www won’t sss sell Sasuke out. I don’t go back on my words. That is what it means to be a ninja to me,” said Naruto. (Karui has nasty looking veins popping out everywhere. Omoi takes notice at Karui’s rage.)

    “Karui. That’s enough. We’ll leave,” said Omoi. “I’m shocked you don’t want in on the fun,” smiled Karui. “Nahh. I think your beating more than quadrupled what I would have done to the guy. Sometimes I’d wish you take things a little less seriously,” said Omoi. “Fuck that, this is our Master we’re talking about and I ain’t taken no nonsense from a snot nosed punk,” yelled Karui.

    (Automatically her elbow manages to slip through; it cracks Naruto square in the face. A morbid screech of agony erupts, as the disfigured face of Naruto lay motionless.)

    “Kk, Karui. You didn’t,” asked Omoi. “Nahh. He’s fine. He’s still breathing,” said Karui. (Karui places her heel on Naruto’s face.) “If he’s like Killer Bee, he should be better in no time at all. Then I could beat on him some more,” said Karui. “Umm. What if someone finds him like this. It could spell big trouble for us,” said Omoi.

    (Quickly Karui becomes worried.)

    “Crap, we gotta hide em,” said Karui. “Man this is all your freakin fault. Now they’re going to find em all hurt n’stuff and the village is going to find out it was us, then we’ll be black listed and we’ll be hunted down like criminals,” said Omoi.

    (Naruto opens his eyes.)

    “I’m ok,” said Naruto creepily. “AHHH,” yelled Karui. (On impulse she flattens him with a kick to the head. Naruto is silenced.)

    “Stop It or you’ll kill him,” said Omoi. “It’s not my fault. The bastard scared me. I acted on reflex,” said Karui. (They both carry Naruto off all goofy like into the structure behind them. They open the locker and stuff his body in there.)

    “I feel like a criminal. You’re nothing but bad newz. If they talk to be, I’m going squeal,” said Omoi. “Fool, you could have stopped me,” said Karui. “Hell no! I saw that look on your eyes, you were liable to beat the crap out of me too,” said Omoi.

    (They both sneak outside. All of a sudden they catch sight of Lee who was right in their faces.)

    “So you must be the cloud shinobi guests. I heard a loud scream on my morning jog around the village so I went to go check it out. Is everything ok with you guys,” said Lee.

    (They both run off flailing their arms around crazy like.)

    “I didn’t do nothin,” yelled Omoi. “Waaaaa,” cried Karui.

    “Cloud shinobi are weird. Oh well, back to training. The Youth needs no rest,” said Lee.

    (He dashes off not knowing what really went down.)

    (Switch Scene to a conversation between Yamato, Kakashi, and Samui. They are in a tent recently set up.)

    “So that’s really all I know about his abilities. I’ve only came into contact with him once,” said Yamato. “I’m afraid my information would be pointless. I’ve only trained the kid for a year. Based off what Yamato has said, he has taken my trade mark jutsu and made variations to it,” said Kakashi.

    “Well, then tell me more about the sharingan. The famous Copy Ninja of Konoha ought to be able to tell me at least that,” said Samui. “Sempai,” said Yamato. “Huh. Naruto is going to kill me for this,” said Kakashi.

    (Switch Scene to the outskirts of Konoha.)

    “Alright, move out,” said Danzou. “Yes lord Danzou” said Sai. “We’ll ensure that nothing happens to you,” said Hyou. (Danzou makes a handseal.) “I would expect nothing less from my most prized soldiers.,” said Danzou.

    “Danzou, about the backup for Anko,” mentioned Sai. “Don’t concern yourself with that, squads have already been issued to support her. Now, time to move on to more pressing concerns. Shunshin No jutsu,” said Danzou.

    (Switch Scene to Anko, she apparently has cornered Kabuto.)

    “Yuck. It seems the rumors were true. You’ve became more of a serpent than Orochimaru himself,” said Anko.

    (Kabuto’s face is completely scaly as well as his arms. Both of his eyes resemble those to that of Orochimaru’s.)

    “Ha, ha. Mitarashi Anko, fancy meeting you here. I take it Konoha wants something from me, you coming all this way,” said Kabuto. “You were once affiliated with Orochimaru and your body has now become infested with the inhumane experiments that once enhanced Orochimaru’s abilities. I have order from the Hokage to restrain you at once,” said Anko.

    “Now that you bring up Orochimaru. You were once a very promising student under his wing. I’d like to test out my newfound abilities on you. The left over trash,” smiled Kabuto.

    (Anko rubs the back of her neck.)

    “He even has the same presence as him. In my current state I’ll be no match. I’m afraid I’ll have to rely on it this time,” said Anko. (Kabuto bites his finger, pulls up his sleeve and rubs blood on the summoning tattoo.)

    “Summoning jutsu,” said Kabuto. (Kabuto summons a huge serpent.) “Oh. The heaven seal. So things could spice up definitely,” smiled Kabuto.

    (All of a sudden, black flame like marks spread across Anko’s face. She’s in cursed seal level 1. She does a string of handseals.)

    “I’ll have to hold him off, until more backup arrives,” said Anko.

    (How long can Anko hold off Kabuto?)

    Next Chapter: Stop Kabuto! [/SPOILER]

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    From Ohana





    Apparently Danzou has the sharingun at the end. or something like that. (this is what someone said on NF)

    [SPOILER]A quick read, I’ll post more details after 8.
    Naruto, black and blue,
    Sai stops them
    Omoi praises Naruto
    The secretary shows up.
    Secretary says Naruto is to meet the Raikage
    Yamato moves to stop, Kakashi on the other hand, does not.
    Danzo, on the way to the meeting is attacked by some ninja from somewhere, in his right eye, drum roll please (my addition) sharingan.

    Fonte:Anime Light
    oh and from 2ch comments and such its defenitly refers to danzou and not the guy that attacks him.[/SPOILER]

    It’s someone with straight-cut bangs (like this). (tn: probably refers to the assaulter)

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    from csimanga



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    Prima Parte

    455 繋がり…!!

    『フー トネルは残れ テライはカブトの件を任せる行け』


    ’根’の中でも一・二を争う お前たち二人に任せる 面は禁止されている

    一人は、名前フー 見た目ペインの餓鬼道に似てる
    一人は、名前トルネ 目だけあいた布してる。

    ダンゾウ『そんな事は気にするな フー お前に任せる』
    ダンゾウ『九尾を里の外へは出さぬよう 徹底させておけ』

    ターン ナルト
    カルイ『ハア ハア』
    ナルト顔ぼこぼこ、青タン それでも立ち上がる
    カルイ『先に言っとく! いくらやろうがウチらの気は晴れねえ
    ナルト カルイ オモイ !! !!? …
    カルイ『邪魔するんじゃねーよ こりゃこいつが望んでこうしたことだ』
    ナルト『…サイ… お前はすっこんでろ』

    Seconda Parte

    ナルト『るっせー 俺の勝手だろ』
    回想サイ ナルトの言葉思い出す
    サスケはオレの友達だから やっと出来た繋がりだから…)
    カルイ『邪魔するならお前もやっちまうぞ コラ!』
    何も進展すりゃーしない お前だってわかってんだろ!
    ナルト座り込む サイ『ナルト…』
    こーゆー奴は好きだ 男は軽率に言葉を決めないもんだ』

    Terza Parte

    オモイ『いくらやろーが こいつはサスケを
    売らねーよ こいつは口にしたことを曲げねェ

    サムイ『オモイ カルイ情報収集はどんな感じ?』
    カルイ !
    サムイ『それでどうする? キラービー様を捕えるようなやつらに
    私達だけで… それもいくつもあるかも分からない’暁’のアジトを
    まずは情報収集と分析 そっちの方が早い! ユギトの時の

    Quarta Parte
    ナルト『それに 雷影に…話てー事が

    ナルト…木の葉の里の皆が噂していた うずまき
    民2『あいつは英雄ってやつだよ 火影になるべきやつだ!』

    サムイ『さあカルイオモイ行くよ! サスケと’暁’の
    情報の閲覧許可が出た 書き写すのは時間がかかる
    オモイ カルイ サムイ 場を離れる


    ナルト包帯ぐるぐる『こんな格好見られたら またややこしい
    事になっちまうからよ それに傷の治りは早い方だから


    Quinta Parte

    カカシ回想 カカシとサイの会話
    いうのは そんなに大切なものでしょうか?
    お前も そろそろ自分で気づいてるハズだ…サイ』

    カカシ『少しの間 安静にしてなきゃダメ…』


    Sesta Parte

    カカシ ヤマト !?
    運よく封印式が発動して 九尾を抑えこんだけど次は

    サイ カカシ ヤマト !!? ?
    カカシ『屍鬼封尽は まだ謎の多い封印式だ 術式の中に己の
    ナルト『…そん時 四代目が教えてくれたんだ
    ナルト『四代目は そいつが黒幕だった言った!
    ペインは そいつに利用されてるって
    サスケが’暁’に入ったって事はサスケも そいつに
    里に恨みを持ち 里を抜けた

    Settima Parte

    九尾『その瞳力と ワシ以上にまがまがしいチャクラ…
    かつての うちはマダラと同じだな…』

    散ったとされる 元木の葉の うちは一族のリーダーだった
    その情報は上層部に伝える必要がある  サイ!』

    ナルト !!
    カカシ『お前は雷影のところへ行け!ま オレと
    ヤマトはナルトの つきそいね!』



    なまった体を動かすには ちょうどいい…』

    どこかの忍 ダンゾウ襲う






    da Mh
    stato Confermato,

    カカシ回想 カカシとサイの会話
    いうのは そんなに大切なものでしょうか?
    お前も そろそろ自分で気づいてるハズだ…サイ』

    カカシ『少しの間 安静にしてなきゃダメ…』


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    [SPOILER]455 Bonds…!!

    Prima Parte

    Danzo in Hokage garb:
    “Huu, Toneru [sic. – “Torune”], stay behind. Terai, I’m leaving Kabuto to you. Go.”

    3 Root members: “Yes, sir.”
    One leaves to go after Kabuto (Terai).

    Danzo: “Well then… I’ll leave here for the Kage Summit.
    The summit is exclusive except for two picked men.
    I am thinking of one or two from Root. I’ll leave it to you two. Masks are forbidden. Take them off.”

    The two Root members take off their masks.
    One, who’s name is Huu, resembles Pein’s Petra Realm body.
    One, who’s name is Torune, wears a cloth open only at the eyes.
    Both are wearing shinobi garb.

    Huu (the Petra-looking one): “To what level should we be armed for escort…”
    Danzo: “I don’t worry about such things. Huu, I’ll leave it to you.”
    Huu (Petra): “Yes, sir.”
    Danzo: “Torune, you keep an eye out for subordinates. Sai is acting as if he might betray Root, so be cautious.”
    Torune: “Yes, sir.”
    Danzo: “Don’t let the Kyuubi leave the village. Be thorough about it.”

    Turn – Naruto
    Karui: “Haa, haa.”
    Fatigue from hitting.
    Naruto’s face is beaten and bruised, yet he he still stands up.
    Sai is still watching.
    Omoi: “…”
    Karui: “I said it before! No matter what we do, our feelings will never go away. I’ll continue forever until you talk about Sasuke.”
    Karui raises her hand(s) over her head: “Uaaa!!”
    Sai appears in front of Naruto and stops Karui’s fist.
    Naruto, Karui and Omoi: !! !!? …
    Karui: “Don’t get in the way! It’s just what this guy was asking for.”
    Sai strains against her clenched fists.
    Naruto: “…Sai… You, fall back.”

    Seconda Parte

    Sai, with a little perturbed look: “Naruto… It’s not necessary for you to be beaten up for someone like Sasuke’s sake.”
    Naruto: “Shu’up, it’s my way of doing it.”
    Sai reminisces and remembers Naruto’s words:
    (A long time ago, I hated everything about Sasuke… But, the time we were together was really a lot of fun. Because Sasuke is my friend. Because I was finally able to create a bond…”
    Sai: “Sasuke… Wouldn’t he just hurt you (Naruto)? …If it were me.”
    Karui: “If you’re going to get in the way, then I’ll give you some too – here!”
    She raises her fist and Omoi stops her.
    Omoi: “That’s enough, Karui! We won’t get anywhere by knocking these guys around. You of all people should understand! He promised us to help rescue Killer B.”
    Karui: “What’s that?! Don’t you doubt whether this promise is really true like always? You’re always careful yet this isn’t like you!”
    Naruto sits down. Sai: “Naruto…”
    Omoi looks in his direction.
    Omoi: “You come this far and don’t sell out your friends… Even an enemy. I like a guy like this – guys that don’t thoughtlessly say things.”

    Terza Parte

    Omoi: “No matter how much you hit him, this guy won’t sell out Sasuke. He’s the type that doesn’t bend what he says.”

    Samui: “Omoi, Karui, what kind of things did you get from your information gathering?”
    Omoi: “Ah! Samui-taichou [means “commander”, but sounds out of place in Naruto]
    Karui: !
    Samui: “I take it there weren’t any problems or anything.”
    Karui: “…”
    Omoi: “More importantly, we learned that Killer B may still be alive! Let’s go save him! First, let’s find “Akatsuki”‘s hideout and surround it!”
    Samui: “And then what would we do? Against those that caught Killer B, only us… Besides, we don’t know how many hideouts “Akatsuki” has that we would have to reduce to rubble…
    Firstly, lets analyze the information we collected – that’ll make it much faster! I don’t want to go repeating the same mistake like we did with Yugito.
    We’ll take the information to Raikage and hand it to him personally! Because we have too much information.”
    Naruto: “M… Me too… Take me with you… Please…
    I’ll… Work with you and help be a pillar of strength for you all…”

    Quarta Parte

    Sai: “Naruto!”
    Naruto: “Besides, the Raikage… I have an idea I want to discuss…”
    Karui: “The Raikgae?! Don’t mess with us, bastard!”
    Sai stops Karui. [perhaps she tried to hit him again]

    Samui, while looking at Naruto: (This child is Naruto… The one everyone in Konoha is talking about, Uzumaki Naruto…)
    Samui remembers a conversation of Konoha citizens.
    Citizen 1: “Is it possible that Naruto has come this far…”
    Citizen 2: “He’s a hero. He’s expected to become Hokage (someday)!”

    Samui: “I can’t do something like take someone without a clear background to see the Raikage when I’m short of hands to guard you at present while on the move.”
    Naruto: “…”
    Samui: “Well, Karui, Omoi, we’re going! We’ve got permission to look at information on Sasuke and “Akatsuki”. Transcribing will take time – I’ll need your help as well.”
    Omoi, Karui and Samui leave the place.

    Naruto: “Sai…”
    Sai: “What?”
    Naruto: “Where Kakashi-sensei and Captain Yamato are… Take me… Please…”

    Kakashi and Yamato’s tent. [the Japanese says “camp sheet room”… gotta love the Japanese…]
    Kakashi and Yamato are watching over.
    Sai: “Would it be better if Sakura-san took care of him…”
    Naruto, wrapped in bandages: “If she saw me in this condition, things would get complicated again. Besides, the injuries are healing fast so it’s okay.”

    Naruto: “Sai… Sorry about earlier…”
    Sai smiles: “Nah…”

    Quinta Parte

    Kakashi: “That was definitely some beating you took.”
    Naruto: “Heheh…”

    Kakashi reminisces about his conversation with Sai.
    Kakashi: “Really… Naruto did something like that…”
    Sai: “Kakashi-sensei?”
    Kakashi: “Hm?”
    Sai: “This bond Naruto and Saukra have tormenting them between Sasuke – is it really that important of a thing? Why do those two go so far, even though they are hurt…”
    Kakashi: “Sai… You’re supposed to keep an eye out on Naruto, right?”
    Sai: “…Tha… That’s…!!”
    Kakashi: “It’s okay… I know… Stepping in and helping Naruto wasn’t something you did to keep an eye on him – you, too, are gradually noticing, I expect… Sai.”

    Yamato and Kakashi are watching Naruto and Sai.
    Sai is tending to Naruto’s injuries.
    Naruto: “Ow, ow, ow, ow”
    Sai: “S… Sorry…”
    Kakashi: “Just for a bit, we need to rest or else…”

    Naruto: “Let me meet the Raikage!!”

    Sesta Parte

    Kakashi and Yamato: !?
    Kakashi: “When you meet, what will you do?”
    Yamato: “The Five Kage Summit is coming up! It’s decided that even the isolated villages will refrain from letting anyone leave or sending out missions!”
    Naruto: “I need to persuade them to pardon Sasuke!”
    Yamato: “Now you don’t even have your seal necklace! You, people’s pillar of strength, can’t expect to go out of the village!
    And besides that, you transformed to the Kyubi as far as the eighth tail! You’re lucky the seal restrictions activated and checked the Kyubi, but what will happen next time?!
    And, I’ve been assigned to reconstruct the village – I can’t always be with you!”
    Naruto: “I met the Fourth (Hokage).”

    Sai, Kakashi and Yamato: !!? ?
    Naruto: “The one who stopped the Kyubi for me before was the Fourth.”
    Yamato: “Wha… What are you saying? The Fourth is already…”
    Kakashi: “The Shikihuujin* is still a sealing style with many mysteries. In the technique’s formula, the self’s soul energy was locked up in it.”
    Naruto: “…When that happened, the Fourth told me something – The Kyubi attack of 16 years ago was by that “Akatsuki” guy with the mask. What more, he was so strong that the even the Fourth couldn’t best him!”
    Tobi’s face floats to the surface of Kakashi’s mind.
    Naruto: “The Fourth said it was that guy pulling the strings!
    Pain was being used by that guy.
    Sasuke entering “Akatsuki” – even Sasuke is only being used by that guy!”
    Kakashi: “It’s as Jiraya feared – the incident of 16 years ago… So it was his work. He had the Sharingan. He had bitterness for the village and fell away from it. The Uchiha who’s necromancy** could do that with the Kyubi is someone like Madara.

    *[could use some help with this – best I get is, lit., “Corpse Demon Seal” – perhaps the seal created by the Death God when the Kyubi was trapped in Naruto]
    **[sorry, I like the word – alternative reading: “…who could call up the Kyubi is…”]

    Settima Parte

    Yamato: “When I hear Madara… no matter what, because isn’t it strange… that he’s living…”

    Naruto remembers what the Kyubi said.
    Kyubi: “The power of those eyes – a Chakura even more sinister than mine… Just like the former Uchiha Madara’s…”

    Naruto: “Who’s this Madara?”
    Kakashi: “He fought with the First Hokage.
    He died a noble death and was the original leader of Konoha’s Uchiha clan.
    A man.
    This information needs to be told to the higher ups. Sai!”
    Sai: “Yes…”
    Kakashi: “Contact the second in command of the Hokage.”
    Sai: “Ah… Yes.”
    Kakashi: “Naruto! What did the Fourth tell you?”
    Naruto: “Huh?”
    Kakashi remembers his own father: “A father would have a lot he would want to say to his son.”

    Naruto: !!
    Naruto smiles.
    Naruto grabs the covers in his hands [he’s in bed, remember].
    Laughing: “He believes in me–… He told me!!”
    Kakashi, doing a GJ pose [? – “good job”, i.e., thumbs up?]: “Alright!”
    Kakashi: “You’re to go to where the Raikage is! Well, Yamato and I will be Naruto’s escort!”
    Yamato: “Eh—–!!”

    Turn changes
    Shinobi from somewhere are following Danzo.

    Torune: “Danzo”
    Danzo: “Umhm”

    Danzo: “It’s been a while since real combat… It’s a perfect chance for me to move my dulled body…”

    The unknown shinobi attack Danzo.

    Danzo takes the bandage from his right eye: “(Torune, Huu), don’t do anything – I’ll do it.”

    The right eye is Sharingan.

    Is it possible Danzo has Sharingan…!!

    The End. Sasei★



    traduzione altre parti by MH
    [SPOILER]credits:Killer Zylos Wolf
    2nd part

    Sai’s face a little bit angry because of things like Naruto … you佐助
    There is no need, I’ll get beaten up
    Naruto – my own, I will take that,
    Sai Naruto retrospective recall of words
    (I used to be that I hated you I Sasuke
    Really … I’ll be with me because I enjoyed SUGOKU
    Sasuke is the only connection I had my friends …)
    Sai, Sasuke … you (Naruto) I just scratch the
    … It’s me
    Karoui, CHIMAU Kola, do you if you get in the way! ,
    OMOI the loop and put a fist
    The king also OMOI Karoui stop her! I beat the damn thing blows
    You do not even know I’m goin to progress – nothing!
    This is a promise to help rescue someone from the KIRABI
    What’s Karoui hwa? I promise to always try
    Do not doubt whether it really true? You are cautious
    Well I O前RASHIKU! ,
    … Naruto, Naruto, Sai tumble
    I see that OMOI
    The NEE OMOI sold it to a friend here … I’m the enemy
    This guy is a man – like oil – it is thoughtless words, I decide

    3rd part

    The guys are OMOI – How much is a Sasuke YARO
    Well this guy I sold the one that bent NEE
    Type I,

    The information collected OMOI Karoui Samui is like? ,
    The OMOI Oh! Captain’s Samui
    Koh Samui, I would not do what’s causing the problem?
    Karoui, …,
    OMOI be alive, but things like that from KIRABI
    Well it was found that order! ‘ll Help!
    First ‘Dawn’ wrapped then explore the hideout! ,
    Samui’s to do? They like to catch people like KIRABI
    … We just do not know it even if there are several ‘Dawn’ a safe house in
    To crush lice?
    How fast is the first information-gathering and analysis! When YUGITO
    And a repeat is not
    We meet directly with lightning-like shadow information! Variety of information, from too many
    Oh … and Naruto’s with me … I … I … I … I
    And E to help me … help you … the power of human sacrifice,

    4th part
    Sai, Naruto! ,
    Naruto shadow of the Lightning … And the story that I
    Safe hit, …
    Karoui’s shadow like a lightning hwa? ZAKENNATEME-cheek! ,
    Karoui stop is Koh Samui

    Samui, watching Naruto (this child
    … Naruto eddy at the rumors and all of the village of Konoha
    Or Naruto.)
    Samui, people remember the conversation leaves
    A people’s will and to do this … No way, Naruto
    The two people he’s someone who should be the hero is the one I火影! ,

    The lightly-guarded Samui now you do not move clear in the past
    Can not bring together like thunder, shadow
    Naruto, the …
    Samui’s KARUIOMOI Now let’s go! Sasuke and ‘Dawn’
    Was allowed to transcribe the information viewed is slow
    I’ll have you, we also TETSUDAっ
    Samui leave the field OMOI Karoui

    , Naruto, Sai …
    The site? ,
    Naruto KAKASHI teacher, and, to the captain Yamato …
    Please take me … …,

    KAKASHI, room KYANPUSHITO of Yamato
    KAKASHI, watch in the Yamato
    Sai, who received her Nursing, Sakura …
    Naruto bandage round the red tape could also look at this dress
    I scratched it from Rino Osamu CHIMAU the earlier it is
    It’s good

    Naruto, Sai … …, before the NEE remorsefully
    Cy’s smiling, though …

    5th part
    KAKASHI, You got me in at all, HADE
    Naruto, for, to …

    Sai conversations and reminiscences KAKASHI KAKASHI
    KAKASHI … that’s what it’s like the Naruto …
    KAKASHI, Sai’s teacher
    KAKASHI for me? ,
    Ties and the size of torture Sasuke and Sakura and Naruto-kun
    Or because it is most important?
    Why are there two people in the struggle …,
    KAKASHI the site … you said you cockatoo of Naruto? ,
    Cy’s … it … it is …! ! ,
    KAKASHI’s good … I know … I went to help Naruto is
    So do not be a cockatoo
    I noticed in my husband’s, too soon … Cy –

    Yamato, KAKASHI. I see Naruto and Sai
    Sai, Naruto’s injury Nursing
    Naruto’s not that it’s
    The rhinoceros, you … sorry.
    KAKASHI TENAKYA not stay in bed for a little while …,

    Naruto comes in the shadow of thunder That’s me! ! ,

    6th part

    Yamato KAKASHI! ?
    KAKASHI, and meet to do? ,
    Yamato, a shadow of the next meeting!
    Radical mission can go out and also to refrain from what隠RE里
    Taken! ,
    Naruto, I will only allow me to talk to Sasuke! ,
    Yamato, now I’m not the seal of the necklace for you! Kimi’s human sacrifice is
    出RUBEKI not out of ri!
    I and eight-nine-tails in the first battle where it is not!
    I kept following this nine tails sealed to invoke the formula is lucky
    What happens?
    And I’m OOSETSUKAっthe role of reconstruction ri
    Can not always about you! ,
    Naruto’s fourth generation, I met

    Yamato sai KAKASHI! ! ? ?
    Naruto stopped and the tail of his nine previous generation are just four, if he
    Yamato is the postage, so …? Fourth generation, has already …
    KAKASHI尽seal the demon is dead in the operation of self-expression is often a mystery still sealed
    What’s the mental energy confinement
    Naruto’s … I have my generation venerate 4:00
    Case 16 years ago九尾’Dawn’ is the guy I’m facing the
    I was strong enough and can not afford even four generation! ,
    KAKASHI, hit in the face of the kite
    Naruto’s generation was the mastermind of this person said!
    Payne is the guy she used
    Sasuke is’ Dawn ‘is a thing to him and Sasuke
    I used it, I’m just
    KAKASHI, as it was feared that like JIRAIYA
    Case 16 years ago … He was responsible for a
    He had the eye ring copy
    Foolish to have a grudge against ri-ri
    Can my family has nine tails口寄SE
    It’s about Madara

    7th part
    Madara and Yamato, and listen … I is not surprised that no matter what happens …
    What is it that, after living …

    Naruto, remember that he said the 9-tailed
    The nine tail chakra than unlucky eagle’s eyes and …
    Of the former, it’s the same with Madara …

    Naruto Madara is the one I? ,
    The first battle with火影KAKASHI
    And leaves of the former leader of the clan was散TTA
    A man
    The site information must convey to the highest level! ,
    Yes, the site …
    KAKASHI火影’s not to me, you can contact the
    Oh yes, the site …
    The Naruto KAKASHI! Generation of what you said? ,
    Naruto, eh? ,
    KAKASHI, remembering his father’s father is the son
    What I want variety,言ITA

    Naruto! !
    Naruto smile
    Naruto win a quilt
    Smiling, she believed in me – tell me …! ! ,
    KAKASHI, GJ pose for OK! ,
    KAKASHI, you will go to the shadow lightning! And I will
    Yamato’s retinue of Naruto! ,
    Yamato, Oh -! ,

    Turn on behalf of
    Shinobazu somewhere, we follow Dan elephant.

    Dan’s like the elephant TORUNE
    Well, the DANZOU

    久SHI振RI DANZOU of the actual game …
    To move the body is rusty, I just …

    Dan Shinobazu some elephant attack

    DANZOU, take right eye bandages
    The (TORUNE, Hu) is a hand out
    The eagles do,

    Right eye, the eye ring pictures.

    Dan copy wheel eye rainy day … an elephant! !
    End. Say Sir ★[/SPOILER]

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    ohana posted an answer to some question.


    根 テライはカブトの件でいなくなり顔見れないんだけど見
    フーとトルネ 暗部仮面外してもフーは餓鬼道みたいな顔 餓鬼

    ヤマト ナルトは外に出ちゃいけない 復興役をおおせつかってる っ

    [SPOILER]Torune is Yamato.

    I think he’s close to Danzo.

    Of the Root members, we don’t see Terai’s face because he’s gone after Kabuto. (We do) see Huu and Torune. When they remove their masks, Huu has a face like the Petra* Realm (Pain) – a ghoul*. [*lit. “ghoul” 餓鬼, or, for you Greek speakers, “stone” or “rock”, which would accurately cover the colour/appearance of a ghost]
    Torune has a cloth wrapped (about his face).

    However, when Yamato and Kakashi are talking with Naruto, Yamato says that Naruto shouldn’t leave the village and he [Yamato] has been ordered to see over the reconstruction. So with that, I think maybe he isn’t one of Danzo’s attendants~ [/SPOILER]

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    [spoiler]Naruto spoiler 455: Legami

    Danzo: “Huu, Toneru rimani indietro. Terai, lascio Kabuto a te. Vai”
    3 Root: “Si, Signore”

    Danzo: “Bene ed ora… Partirà per il Summit dei Kage”
    Danzou: “Al summit è vietato partecipare a tutti tranne per due uomini scelti di fiducia da ogni Kage. Pensavo a un paio di Root. Lascio il compito a te. Le maschere sono proibite. Fagliele levare”

    I due root si toglono le maschere.
    Uno, di nome Huu, assomiglia a Preta Pain
    L’altro, di nome Torune, indossa un mantello aperto solo ad altezza degli occhi.
    Tutti e due indossano le uniformi da Shinobi.

    Huu: “A che livello dobbiamo armarci per fare da scorta?”
    Danzou: “Non mi importa di queste cose. Huu lascio fare a te”
    Huu: “Si, signore”
    Danzou: “Torune tu tieni un occhio sui subordinati. Sai si comporta come se potesse tradire i Root. Fai attenzione”
    Torune: “Si, signore”
    Danzo: “E non lasciate che il Kyuubi lasci il villaggi. Accertatevi di questo”

    Si passa a Naruto
    Karui: “Haa, haa.”
    Karui è affaticata dal pestaggio.
    La faccia di Naruto è stata pestata a sangue, ma ancora si alza in piedi senza problemi.
    Sai stà ancora guardando
    Omoi: “…”
    Karui: “Te l’ho detto prima! Non importa cosa facciamo, i nostri sentimenti non spariranno. Continuerà all’inifito fino a che parlerai riguardo a sasuke”
    Karui alza la sua mano: “Uaaa”
    Sai appare di fronte a Naruto e ferma il colpo di Karui.
    Naruto, Karui and Omoi: !! !!? …
    Karui: “Fuori dai piedi. Stò facendo solo quello che il ragazzo mi ha chiesto!”
    Sai le lascia la mano.
    Naruto: “Sai… Fatti da parte”

    Sai, un pò turbato,: “Naruto non è necessario che tu ti faccia ridurre così per qualcuno come sasuke”
    Naruto: “Stai zitto… è il mio modo di fare le cose”
    Sai ricorda le parole di Naruto: “Tempo fa, odiavo tutto di sasuke, ma poi con tutto il tempo passato assieme… mi sono accorto che era divertente passare del tempo assieme perchè sasuke era mio amico… perchè finalmente ero stato in grado di creare un legame”
    Sai: “sasuke… forse non ti ha già ferito?… Se fossi stato io…”
    Karui: “Se vuoi metterti tra i piedi, vuol dire che le prenderai anche tu”
    Karui si prepara a dargli un pugno ma Omoi la ferma.
    Omoi: “Ora stai esagerando Karui. Non andremo da nessuna parte picchiando questi ragazza. Tu più di ttti dovresti capire. Ci ha promesso di venire con noi a recuperare il maestro Bee”
    Karui: “E allora?” Credi veramente che la promessa fosse sincera? Questo non è da te che sei sempre molto attento…”
    Naruto si siede.
    Sai: “Naruto…”
    Omoi guarda verso Naruto.
    Omoi: “Ti sei spinto così’ lontano e non hai barattato un tuo amico… anche se è un nemico.
    Mi piaccion i ragazzi così che non parlano alla leggera”
    Omoi: “Non importa quanto lo potrai colpire, questo ragazzo non svenderà sasuke. E’ il tipo di persona che non si rimangia la paroal data.”
    Samui: “Omoi, Karui che cosa avete raccolto dalla vostra ricerca di informazioni?”
    Omoi: “Ah! Capitano Samui”
    Karui: !
    Samui: “Vi avevo detto che non avrebbero dovuto esserci problemi o altro”
    Karui: “…”
    Omoi: “Ma la cosa più importante è che abbiamo saputo che Bee potrebbe ancora essero vivo. Andiamo a salvarlo. Cerchiamo il nascondiglio dell’akatsuki e accerchiamoli”
    Samui: “E poi che faremo…? contro coloro che hanno rapito killer bee… noi da sole non… Inoltre non sappiamo quanti nascondigli abbia l’akatsuki.”
    Samui:”Per prima cosa, analizziamo le informazioni che abbiamo raccolto e facciamolo in fretta.
    Non voglio che si ripetano gli stessi errori fatti con Yugito”
    Samui: “Porteremo le informazioni al Raikage in persona. Abbiamo troppe informazioni”
    Naruto: “Anche io… vogio venire. Portatemi con voi per favore.”
    Naruto: “Vi supporterò nel vostro lavoro… sarò una mano in più”
    Sai: “Naruto!”
    Naruto: “Inoltre… il raikage… c’è qualcosa che voglio discutere con lui”
    Karui: “Il raikage? Non scherzare con noi, idiota”
    Sai ferma Karui che sembrava voler colpire Naruto ancora
    Samui, mentre guarda Naruto: “Questo ragazzo è Naruto… Colui di cui tutta Konoha stà parlando… Uzumaki Naruto”
    Samui ricorda una conversazione tra i cittadini di Konoha.
    Cittadino 1: “Naruto è veramente andato lontano”
    Cittadino 2: “E’ un eroe! Un giorno sarà Hokage”

    Samui: “Non posso farlo… portare qualcuno che non conosco dal raikage quando sono a corto di uomini per sorvegliarti mentre ci muoviamo”
    Naruto: “…”
    Samui: “Karui, Omoi, andiamo” Abbiamo avuto il permesso di avere le informazioni su sasuke e l’akatsuki. Trascriverle prenderà tempo. Ho bisogno di voi”
    Omoi, Karui e Samui se ne vanno

    Naruto: “Sai…”
    Sai: “Cosa?”
    Naruto: “Dove sono kakashi sensei e il capitano Yamato. Portami da loro per favore”

    Si passa alla tenda di Kakashi e Yamato
    Kakashi e Yamato stanno guardando fuori.
    Sai: “Sarebbe meglio se sakura-san si prendessa cura di lui”
    Naruto: “Se mi vedesse così le cose si complicherebbero di nuovo e inoltre le mie ferite guariscono presto per cui va bene così”
    Naruto: “Sai.. a proposito… scusa per prima”
    Sai sorridendo: “Nah…”

    Kakashi: “Qualcuno te le ha suonate eh?”
    Naruto: “Heheh…”
    Kakashi si ricorda della sua conversazione con Sai.
    Kakashi: “Veramente… Naruto ha fatto qualcosa del genere”
    Sai: “Kakashi-sensei?”
    Kakashi: “Hmm?”
    Sai: “Il legame che hanno Sakura e Naruto con sasuke… il legame che li tormenta così tanto… è così importante per loro? Perchè quei due si spingono così lontano anche se sono feriti…”
    Kakashi: “Sai… Ti è stato detto di tenere d’occhio Naruto non è vero?”
    Sai: “…E’… E’ così!”
    Kakashi: “E’ tutto a posto sai.. lo sapvo. Andare in aiuto di Naruto non è stato qualcosa che hai fatto perchè lo stavi tenendo dìocchio. Anche voi due state lentamente legando. Sai”
    Kakashi e Yamato guardano Naruto e Sai.
    Sai stà medicando le ferite di Naruto
    Naruto: “Ow, ow, ow, ow”
    Sai: “S… Scusa…”
    Kakashi: “Dobbiamo riposarci un pò… anche se per poco”
    Naruto: “Lasciatemi incontrare il Raikage”

    Kakashi e Yamato: !?
    Kakashi: “E quando lo incontrerai, che gli dirai?”
    Yamato: “Il meeting dei 5 kage stà per iniziare. E’ stato deciso che anche i villaggi più isolati sono tenuti a non mandare nessuno in missione o fuori dal villaggio”
    Naruto: “Devo convinceli a perdonare sasuke”
    Yamato: “Ora che non abbiamo più neppure il tuo ciondolo come puoi aspettarti di poter esser mandato fuori dal villaggio?”
    Yamato: “E inoltre.. ti sei trasformato in kyuubi come riesce a fare l’hachiobi! Sei stato fortunato che il sigillo restrittivo si è attivato e ti ha aiutato, ma cosa dovrebbe succedere se ti accadesse di nuovo? Inoltre mi hanno messo a ricostruire il villaggio… non potrei essere sempre con te”
    Naruto: “Ho incontrato il 4° hokage…”
    Sai, Kakashi e Yamato: !!??
    Naruto: “Colui che ha fermato il Kyuubi per me è stato il 4° hokage”
    Yamato: “Cosa stai dicendo.. il 4° hokage è…”
    Kakashi: “Lo Shikihuujin è ancora oggi un jutsu sigillante attorniato da molti misteri. In quel jutsu, la propria energia spirituale viene sigillata dentro allo stesso sigillo”
    Naruto: “…Quando successe… Il 4 mi disse una cosa… che quando il Kyuubi attaccò 16anni fa, fù a causa di quell’uomo mascherato dell’akatsuki. E inoltre mi disse che quel tizio era così forte che neppure lui stesso riuscì a batterlo”
    Il viso di Tobi scorre nella mente di Kakashi
    Naruto: “Il 4° hokage ha detto che è quell’uomo a tirare tutte le file”
    Naruto: “Pain è stato usato da quell’uomo!”
    Naruto: “E anche l’entrata nell’akatsuki da parte di sasuke è stato tutto un piano di quell’uomo”
    Kakashi: “E’ come Jiraya-sama temeva… l’incidente di 16 anni fa… Quindi è stata colpa sua. Di colui che possedeva lo Sharingan. Aveva del risentimento nei confronti del villaggio e si allontanò da esso. L’ Uchiha dietro a tutto questo… è Madara”
    Yamato: “Quando sento Madara… non importa che cosa, perché non è strano… che è in vita …”

    Naruto ricorda cosa gli disse il Kyuubi”
    Kyubi: “Il potere di quegli occhi… un chakra più sinistro anche del mio stesso chakra… proprio come quelli di Uchiha Madara”
    Naruto: “Chi è questo Madara?”
    Kakashi: “Combattè con il primo hokage. Morì di una morte onorevole e fù il primo leader del clan Uchiha”
    Kakashi: “Questa informazione necessità di essere fatta sapere a tutti. Sai!”
    Sai: “Si…”
    Kakashi: “Contatta il secondo in comando come Hokage”
    Sai: “Ah… Si!
    Kakashi: “Naruto! Cosa ti ha detto il 4° hokage poi?
    Kakashi ricorda suo padre: “Un padre vorrebbe dire molte cose a suo figlio”
    Naruto: !!
    Naruto sorride…
    Naruto poi porta le lenzuola sopra la sua testa (è a letto ricordate)
    Naruto ancora ridendo dice :” Ha deetto… ha dett che ha fiducia in me… che crede in me”
    Kakashi: ” va bene!”
    Kakashi: “Andrai dove si trova il raikage! Naruto, io e Yamato saremo la tua scorta”
    Yamato: “Eh…!!”

    Cambio di scena.
    Degli shinobi stanno seguendo Danzou
    Torune: “Danzo”
    Danzo: “Umhm”
    Danzo: “E’ passato un pò da un vero combattimento. Sarà un buon esercizio per me per rimettere in sesto questo vecchio corpo addormentato”

    Lo shinobi sconosciuto attacca Danzou.
    Danzou si toglie le bende dall’occhio destro
    Danzou.”Torune, Huu, non muovetevi ci penso io”
    Nell’occhio sinistro Danzou ha lo Sharingan.[/spoiler]

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