Spoiler One Piece 508

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Ecco a voi i primi spoilers riguardanti il prossimo capitolo di One Piece (508). Continuate se volete leggere le anticipazioni. Niente traduzione italiana degli spoiler questa settimana, mi dispiace.

Page 1:
Chapter 508 “Island of Shura”
Coverstory “Having fun bowling with everyone”

Page 2:
Tiny cannons comes out of Capone.
“Shoot!” “Blow them away!!”

Marine: What the!?
Marine: There’s something in his body!!

Page 3:
Marines are blasted away
Marines: Aaaarrghh!!!

Marine: What…!? He’s not doing anything!
Small cavalries comes out on horsebacks
“Cavalry, CHARGE!!”

Page 4:
Marine: Horses from his body!!!
Marine: Soldiers keeps pouring out!!!
Capone “Gang” Bege!!
What kind of devil fruit user is he!!?

Another soldier comes out of his right eye, but coughs up on the smoke
“*cough cough* Father, the smoke is choking me!!”
Capone: Like I said… the diffrence of sheer military force!!

Page 5:
Hawkins: “Battle” Chance of defeat……100%
“Escape” Chance of success….. 12%
“Defence” Chance of dodge….. 76%

Kizaru: Hey, do you have time….? I’m looking for a man named Sentoumaru
Hawkins: “Survival” Chance of death……!!

Page 6:
Kizaru kicks Hawkins, causing explosion.
Crewman: Captain!!!

Page 7:
24th GR
Kuma vs Urouge

Urouge: (breathing heavily, bloodied) I was only being cautious of the Admiral….!!
I guess you can’t get past near the Marine HQ so easily afterall…!!
Kuma: ……

Page 8:
Apoo: Man, he sure is strong…!! Huh..? He’s still fighting?

LASER BEAM shoots out of Kizaru’s finger, obiliterating what’s in front of him.

Page 9:
Hawkins: ONLY 10 won’t be enough against an Admiral…….
Voodoo doll creatures craw out of Hawkin’s right arm.

Urouge lands right next to them.

Page 10:
Urouge: What a tragic turn of events….!! In front is the Marine Admiral, and behind me is the Shichibukai
Hufff…. Is this the end of me?
Hawkins: Not quite. I don’t see a sign of death on you yet.

Urouge: Heh Heh heh… Hawkins of North Blue… Even though you may be a foe, I appreciate your humor…!!
Drake comes to the rescue!! In a single hit with his mace, he knocks Kuma into a wall.

Page 11:
Urouge: I’ve taken quite a hit…. but let’s see if there really is any hope… by retaliating now!

Page 12:
Zoro: Something is strange…. He doesn’t seem the same as that last time…!! Is it just my imagination…?

Page 13:
Sentoumaru?: He’s late….
His ship should be here already… That’s strange.
Why isn’t he contacting me… father Kizaru? (He uses the term “ojiki”, which is commonly used to refer to a yakuza family “father” boss)
“They” are going to wipe all of them out, at this rate…!?

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